Meet the Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin - the Desert Day Cream

By genevieve / 18 December 2023

Meet the Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin - the Desert Day Cream

If swinging open your front door feels like you’ve just cracked open an oven, it’s time to start slathering on Pour Moi’s Desert Day Cream. This skin saver is the best moisturizer for dry skin when it’s hot and extremely dry outside. Think: 75°F - 120°F, relatively low humidity, strong sun, and high pollution—conditions most commonly found in low-precipitation areas, such as Arizona, California, New Mexico, Nevada, and the Dakotas. (Or many parts of the continental US at some point during the summer months). Like all of Pour Moi’s four daytime formulas, the Desert Day Cream was specifically created to protect your complexion from one particular climate. In the case of the Desert Day Cream, Pour Moi’s Research and Development scientists developed what we call Desert Climate Energized Beautifiers (D-CEBs) to nourish and shield your skin in the driest, hottest conditions. Here, the benefits of those 10 climate-specific biomimetic beautifiers broken down:


They Satiate Thirsty Skin

Extremely dry, desert-like air can cause moisture to evaporate off your skin the second you step outside, leaving your complexion chronically parched. To counteract this water loss, the Desert Day Cream is formulated with HyalurTruf+ (Hyaluronic Acid + White Truffle). The different-size Hyaluronic Acid molecules are each designed to draw water into your thirsty skin. The smallest molecules pull moisture from any liquid you drink, as well as watery fruits and foods, while the medium-size molecules seek available water in the air (yes, desert-like air does contain some water). Together with moisturizing, barrier-protecting White Truffle, these molecules keep skin supple even when it’s bone-dry outside.

They Seal in the Moisture You Do Have

Because of the aforementioned moisture-evaporation issue, the Desert Day Cream is also laced with lightweight oils, including easy-to-absorb Squalane Oil, which creates a very thin, non-sticky barrier on top of your skin. This barrier helps to hold water in, in defiance of the dry air.

They Shield Skin from Temperature Extremes

The hot, dry air outside isn’t your skin’s only enemy. The chilly, dry air indoors, courtesy of blasting air conditioners—as well as the frequent toggling back and forth between the hot outside and the cold indoors—can cause the skin to become inflamed. Thus, the Desert Day Cream boasts soothing, protective agents like Glycerin and Lecithin that neutralize the irritating effects of both very cold air and wide temperature variations.

They Fight Off Free Radicals

Dry, hot air also tends to be the most polluted—and pollution, alas, is packed with skin-damaging, age-accelerating free radicals. To combat those pesky skin agers, the Desert Day Cream contains an ample supply of antioxidants, including vitamins A, C, and E. They’re microencapsulated to keep them stable, and for a controlled release in your skin.

They Work Best When Paired with Other Pour Moi Products

While the Desert Day Cream is your skin’s best daytime treatment when the climate is dry and hot, its benefits can be further enhanced by combining it with a complete Pour Moi regimen. This means starting your day by applying the Hydrating Balancer to gently exfoliate and regulate your skin’s pH levels, then applying a light layer of the Pour Moi Serum that’s right for your skin. Black is best for dry to very dry, while White is appropriate for everyone else. On top of those two, apply one pump of the Desert Day Cream (a little goes a long way). Then, before bed, massage in our skin-repairing Night Cream to restore and revive your complexion while you sleep.