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"I've been using Pour Moi Climate-Smart skincare for about 3 years now and my skin has never looked better"

- Elizabeth Ries of Twin Cities Live

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It's Back to Beauty School!

"Professor" Ulli Teaches Climate-Smart Skincare

Pour Moi Skincare Founder Ulli Haslacher joins Twin Cities Live hosts Elizabeth Ries and Ben Lieber for a quick study session on how to adapt your skincare to the change of seasons.

Take a seat at the front of the class!



Results that WOWED Elizabeth!

"When I saw Ulli’s ‘without & with Pour Moi hands,’ I thought – this is incredible and unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I’ve GOT to start using these products!" — Elizabeth Ries, Twin Cities Live

Based on medical and pharmaceutical research findings on how both skin’s biochemistry and skincare’s efficacy are uniquely affected by different climate conditions, Pour Moi is the first to formulate high-performance skincare for the different types of climates you live in and travel for transformative skincare results.

We call this new approach Climate-Smart® Skincare.

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Discover our Midwest Climate-Smart® Rotating System

Scientifically designed to enhance the skin’s resilience, softness, and radiance for your best Midwestern complexion.

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Welcome to the smartest decision you've ever made about your skin!

Experience fewer skin issues and unparalleled anti-aging results in the Midwest’s various local climates. Fall is back, and with the new season comes more arid and cooler conditions.

This first-of-its-kind rotating beauty regimen is scientifically designed to enhance the skin’s resilience, softness, and radiance for your best Midwestern complexion.

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Hydrating Balancer | Arid Conditions - Pour Moi Skincare

Step 1: Quench Your Skin

Hydrating Balancer - Arid Conditions

Start your daily routine by putting a few drops (2-4) of our quenching  Hydrating Balancer/Arid Conditions on a pad and smoothing over your face and neck.

In Minnesota’s CONTINENTAL climate, the air is dry in two seasons: Fall-to-Winter (October, November, December) and Winter-to-Spring (January, February, March).

What it does: This luxurious anti-aging product balances hydration and softens deeper skin layers even on dry days. It delivers the first dose of effective anti-aging actives, and functions as a smart prep for the steps to follow.

Use mornings and evenings for impactful results.

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Black Serum | Arid Conditions - Pour Moi Skincare

Step 2: Drench Your Skin

Black Serum - Arid Conditions

Follow immediately with one small pump of Black Serum for arid conditions.

What it does:  A quenching liquid skin balancer for an instantly smoother, refreshed complexion in dry conditions.

Use mornings and evenings for best results.


STEP 3: Geo-Moisturize by the Weather

Temperate Day Cream for mild days or Polar Day Cream for cold days

Step 3 is our innovative step.

What it does: The innovative Day Cream helps skin adapt to the daily weather conditions while protecting it from climatic and environmental stressors. It also effectively locks in the active ingredients from Steps 1 & 2. 

On mild days, select the Temperate Day Cream. And on cold & dry days, use Polar Day Cream.  You rotate between these 2 creams until it gets to the Spring and begins to warm up. 

Not sure about the weather and which Day Cream to apply in the morning?  

Just scan the QR code on top of each cap with your phone’s camera to connect to our Cream-Finder, a virtual product recommendation tool that INSTANTLY forecasts your day’s weather and which Day Cream to use. You’ll always get it right!

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Smoke Alarm Drops

Winner of Popular Science 2022 The Best-of-What's-New

Scientifically proven to safeguard your skin by providing 100% protection against smoke particles adhering to the skin. These luxurious, shield-like drops effectively prevent any potential damage smoke particles might inflict on your skin’s well-being and appearance.

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