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Hydrating Balancer (Rich)
Hydrating Balancer (Rich)

Hydrating Balancer (Rich)

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100ml | For all skin | From the Rhône-Alpes Region, France 

Advanced rich liquifier for instantly smoother, softer, younger looking skin in dry conditions. The first step of our patented Climate-Smart® 3-Step System for dry, arid climates. US Patent No. 10485997 (step 1)

This oil-free liquid lotion balances your skin's critical moisture and pH levels, leaving your complexion smooth and hydrated while softening the appearance of pores. 

The Hydrating Balancer is Step 1 of our patented Climate-Smart® 3-Step System to be used after you've cleansed your face. 

1. Apply balancer by using your hand or a cotton pad

2. Swipe gently over your face and neck

Apply the serum next while skin is still moist and lock-in with your climate-specific day cream or the Night Cream.

Climate-Smart Tip: Less is more with Pour Moi. You only need a drop.


GEO-HYDRADYNAMIC COMPLEX: promotes optimal skin hydration

CITRIC ACID & SODIUM HYDROXIDE: adjusts skin’s pH level to prevent and reduce the signs of aging, inflammation, breakouts, and sensitivity

LACTIC ACID: gently eliminates dead skin cells and evens out skin tone

FOMES OFFICINALIS (MUSHROOM) EXTRACT (FOMES OFFICINALIS EXTRACT): pore tightening, moisturizing and anti-aging effects on the skin

PANTHENOL (PRO-VITAMIN B5): maintains skin elasticity and softness while it promotes wound healing and reduces inflammation

GLYCERIN: maintains skin’s water balance to promote effective hydration

PALMITOYL TRIPEPTIDE-38: powerful anti-wrinkle peptide that works from within the skin for a younger looking appearance