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Night Cream
Night Cream
Night Cream
Night Cream
Night Cream
Night Cream

Night Cream

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30ml / 1oz | For all skin From the Rhône-Alpes Region, France 

Night is actually a unique climate for your skin. When it’s dark and you’re asleep, your skin isn’t. That’s when it’s working its hardest to rejuvenate.

The luxurious Night Cream is scientifically designed to partner with your skin’s natural nightly repair process for extraordinary results. It beautifies your skin while at rest and works synergistically with your climate's specific day cream in the morning.

Climate-Smart® anti-aging Night Cream is made to work in synergy with your climate's specific day cream for youthful, healthy skin. 

  • 30mL/1 oz Night Cream

Use the Night Cream at night only and apply after the serum.

Here's how:

Pump one to two drops onto your fingertips and gently apply to the face and neck. 

Climate-Smart Tips:

-  Less is more with potent Pour Moi. You only need a drop.

SQUALANE & LECITHIN & SHEA BUTTER: balances oil production, moisturizes & contains powerful anti-aging properties

CHLORELLA VULGARIS EXTRACT (GREEN MICROALGAE FROM JAPAN): rich in skin-supportive nutrients that improve the health of skin cells, reduce dark spots, and provide a dewy and fresh complexion in the morning

SLOW-RELEASING VITAMIN A (RETINOL) & ENCAPSULATED VITAMIN C: two types of stable vitamin E and anti-wrinkle peptide

PRUNUS ARMENIACA (APRICOT) KERNEL OIL: highly moisturizing and rich antioxidant content, it can help diminish the look of wrinkles and other signs of aging

GEO-HYDRADYNAMIC COMPLEX: promotes optimal hydration within the skin