How Skincare Can Reduce Transepidermal Water Loss

By lacey / 18 December 2023

How Skincare Can Reduce Transepidermal Water Loss
It’s a mouthful, but say it with us — Transepidermal Water Loss or TEWL for short. Let’s break this down so it’s not as scary. The “water loss” part is pretty self-explanatory, so you’ve probably caught on that we’re talking about a form of dehydration. The “epidermal” part refers to the upper layer of the skin called the epidermis, and “trans” implies that there’s some crossing over of elements between the skin and the environment. Measuring TEWL involves observing the amount of water lost from the epidermis of the skin through diffusion and evaporation to the surrounding environment or atmosphere. Although the skin’s natural control over this hazard is limited, high-performing skincare can boost the skin’s ability to prevent and reverse dehydration caused by external factors.

Your Personal Built-in Barrier

The skin barrier plays a large role in the balance of skin, preventing the loss of hydration (a.k.a. TEWL) as well as essential nutrients. Skin’s first function is to protect the body by mediating between the elements, good and bad, which is why maintaining a healthy skin barrier function is so important in the overall wellness of skin. Proper function of the skin barrier, therefore, is evidenced by a low rate of TEWL. It’s a pretty intense job determining what not to let in, such as pollutants and toxins from an aggressive climate, versus what should definitely be let in, such as clean water and nutrients from premium skincare. The Pour Moi Ritual is highly effective in promoting a healthy skin barrier so TEWL doesn’t plague the balance of skin:
  1. The Hydrating Balancer restores skin’s healthy pH level for improved product absorption. Balancing the acid mantle is key for deep-penetrating hydration.
  2. Black and White Serums formulated per skin type address the specific needs of skin for maximum nourishment and hydration. The potent ingredients in the Serums are delivered in small molecule sizes to the deeper layers of skin, promoting a healthy skin barrier.
  3. Finally, the climate smart Day Creams (or the nutrient-dense Night Cream) seals in all the nourishment and hydration from the system as a whole. The large molecule sizes prevent moisture from escaping, making TEWL a thing of the past. [Keep reading: White Truffle: Food for the Skin]

Skin & Lungs Breathe the Same Air

A major disruption of the skin barrier is surrounding most of us on a constant basis — air pollution. The emission from transportation and industry not only spoils the fresh air our lungs breathe, but our skin is essentially taking in that same air and whatever is carried in it. Particulate Matter (PM) in the air generates free radicals that break down the skin barrier leading to TEWL. Once this barrier is disrupted by air pollutants, it could lead to inflammation and premature aging of the skin. Part of the climate accounted for in our climate smart skincare is in fact the heightened levels of pollution. In extreme climates, namely desert, tropical, and polar climates, the effects of pollution are exacerbated by the severe temperature, humidity, and environmental factors. Pour Moi locks in the nourishment and hydration from its moisturizing products while shielding precious layers of the skin from irritants with potent antioxidants. By promoting a healthy skin barrier in harsh conditions, premium skincare helps skin to fend off TEWL. Happy and healthy skin comes down to balance and hydration, and TEWL has no place in the state of your complexion. Protecting your skin from external natural factors will ensure your skin stays youthful-looking and hydrated and no matter the weather. Your skin is begging for some TLC in the twenty-first century climate, and there’s only one skincare formulated to accept the challenge.