What Should My Skincare Routine Be? It All Starts with the Climate

By Ulli Haslacher / 18 December 2023

What Should My Skincare Routine Be? It All Starts with the Climate

I’m going to be traveling the next few months. What should my skincare routine be to avoid the dreaded vacation breakout?

Travel can mean a lot of things—rest, relaxation, adventure—but it can also mean unexpected breakouts (just in time for your amazing vacation selfie). So, if I’m looking to stay clear no matter where I go, what should my skincare routine be to avoid flare ups? The answer is simple: climate. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and it’s the first line of defence between yourself and the elements, so it stands to reason that when climate and skin interact, the results may vary.

Picture this: It’s winter and you’re a clear-skinned jet-setter who just hopped on a flight from LA to Boston. Do you really think your temperate LA skincare routine is going to cut it in chilly, East Coast Boston? Definitely not. You’ve got breakouts, dry patches, and irritation in your future. But all that can be avoided if you remember to take climate into account before you pour all your toiletries into airplane-safe bottles. Instead of focusing on whether or not you should moisturize before or after you exfoliate, the real focus of your skincare routine should be the climate you’re in at the time. (Though, if you’re wondering, moisturizer should always come last.) While the order in which you put on products never changes (repeat after me: thin to thick), the climate you’re in can change dramatically from day to day.

Changes in temperature and humidity can either hydrate or dehydrate your skin, causing your skin to launch its own special series of biological responses so that it can manage its hydration. That’s why you need skincare products tailored to the environment you’re in, and that’s where Pour Moi comes in. It took Pour Moi five years to create their non-toxic, vegan skincare, all based around the theory that your own local climate is one of the key factors in upsetting your skin’s moisture, and altering its barrier functions. Pour Moi’s climate-specific care finds the right moisture balance for the climate you’re in, meaning no matter how many times your flight is delayed, or your hotel forgets to give you clean towels, one thing you won’t have to worry about on vacation is bad skin. Pour Moi’s climate-smart skincare helps your skin mimic healthy behavior, even when the climate knocks it all out of whack. With moisturizers designed to rotate based on the climate you’re in, you can keep your face fresh whether you’re taking selfies on a glacier in Iceland, or ziplining in Costa Rica. Pour Moi’s products help your skin acclimate, supports your skin’s natural moisture balance, and promotes your skin’s ability to repair and renew itself.

So what skincare routine should I use while traveling?

Well, it depends on where you’re going. In colder months and climates, you’ve probably noticed your skin getting dryer. That’s because the change in climate impacts how your oil glands behave. If dryness is what you’re worried about, you might need to step up your skincare routine by increasing the frequency with which you moisturize. Pour Moi offers both Polar and Desert Day Creams that can help keep your skin moisturized, whether you’re in the Arctic or the Sahara. Combine that with Pour Moi’s Night Cream, and you’ll be trading in those dry patches for dewy skin in no time. For those of you asking, “What skincare routine should I use for more humid climates?” Pour Moi’s Tropical Day Cream will help your skin manage the influx of moisture without going overboard. Once you start focusing your skincare around where you are rather than the order in which you apply products, you’ll find that wherever life takes you, your skin will be ready.