10 American Cities That Are Tough on Your Skin

By admin / 18 December 2023

10 American Cities That Are Tough on Your Skin

Wherever you are in the United States, climates are becoming increasingly more aggressive, and that affects you and your skin. "Where you live has a huge influence on your skin's health and appearance," says, Jessica Wu, MD, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at the University of California, in a recent Everyday Health blog post. Most places experience at least two extreme climates per year, and some places have up to four dominant seasons. This is a lot of transitioning for the skin between environments, external factors like pollution and man-made conditions like heating and air conditioning - all of which don’t make it any easier.


1. Los Angeles, California

Sorry, Angelinos– Los Angeles is still one of the most polluted cities in the country. The city’s topography causes pollution to become trapped and concentrated. Add in the extreme dryness of LA, the likeliness of damaging your skin is high. If these particles penetrate deeper into the skin, you just might be wearing pollution on your face in the form of premature aging and dehydrated skin. Recommended Day Cream: The Desert Day Cream is perfect for the hot and dry summers in LA. For the cooler days with mild temperatures and humidity, the Temperate Day Cream is the best choice.

2. Miami, Florida

A tropical climate that is always raining can lead to an extreme effect on skin but if you are located in areas like Miami, you are exposed to toxic rain showers. Due to all the pollutants that come regularly within a populated city, it is no surprise that the polluted air is evaporated into clouds, and therefore released when it rains. Recommended Day Cream: The Tropical Day Cream is the go-to solution when facing rain showers and hot, humid summers like Miami.

3. Phoenix, Arizona

According to dermatologist, Dr. Linder (Everyday Health), Arizonans must think of ways to protect against the harmful UV rays of Phoenix, if healthy skin is the goal. In the dead of summer, it’s not uncommon for Phoenix to have temperatures nearing 120°F (we're not kidding). In combination with the drastically low humidity levels, this desert climate is extreme for the skin. Recommended Day Cream: When temperatures are sky-high and humidity is non-existent, the Desert Day Cream is the way to go.

4. Amarillo, Texas

Mild wind is an environmental element in a temperate climate, but there’s nothing mild about winds in Amarillo. Extreme winds at high speeds whisk moisture out of the skin through evaporation. This leads to Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) in the upper layers of skin. When extreme elements like harsh winds put skin at risk of dehydration, hydrating agents in Pour Moi correct the lipid barrier and reduce TEWL for soft and smooth skin. Recommended Day Cream: Surprisingly, Desert Day Cream is perfect for extreme winds because of the dehydration your face

5. Denver, Colorado

Everything is more intense at higher altitudes. In places like Denver with very mountainous regions, being higher in the atmosphere intensifies the elements and the way they affect the skin. Cooler, dry air at high altitude puts the skin further at risk of dehydration, and the loss of moisture can cause inflammation. The thinner atmosphere at higher elevations also strengthens the harmful impacts of UV radiation. Consider all these elements, and you have an equation for unhappy, damaged skin. Recommended Day Cream: In Colorado, our new Mountain Day Cream (coming this September 2018) is our best option when it comes to high altitudes. In the meantime, you can use our Desert Day Cream.

6. Buffalo, New York

Buffalo is Mr. Indecisive. It is one of those places that experience multiple seasons per year. This means that skin must make the transition along with the shifts in climate. Being on the East Coast, Buffalo gets very cold, snowy winters and mild to warm summers. To help skin make these transitions smoothly while retaining a youthful looking appearance, the climate-smart Day Creams utilize advanced hydration that adjusts according to the climate. Recommended Day Cream:

7. New Orleans, Louisiana

There is no question about it, cold air-conditioning is a must in New Orleans. However, when you are out in about, (shopping, maybe) your skin is vulnerable to the harsh temperature and high humidity. The main concern here is not just the heat, but also the humidity. If our skin is exposed to too much moisture, it becomes more likely to host harmful bacteria, which leads to clogged pores, acne, rashes, and infections. Recommended Day Cream:

8. Las Vegas, Nevada

The desert-like heat is exacerbated by desert-like humidity. Anyone who’s been to Las Vegas is familiar with the dry air (also loss of money) and most likely experienced the hydrated skin that comes along with it. The climate causes the skin to become dehydrated, and so can skincare — the opposite of what it’s supposed to do! When there’s no moisture in the air, water-grabbing humectants like Hyaluronic Acid grab moisture from the deeper skin layers and deliver it to the surface. This gives the false effect that skin is moisturized when it’s the only circulation of moisture to the surface. Recommended Day Cream:

9. Fairbanks, Alaska

Nearly two-thirds of the year in Fairbanks, temperatures are almost freezing! This is one of the coldest cities in the United States, and there’s many like it. When temperatures are this low, you can say goodbye to happy, hydrated skin as winter skin issues like dryness, redness, burns, and breakouts take over. Recommended Day Cream:

10. Charlotte, North Carolina

For 26 days out of the year, Charlotte experiences high pollution due to the high-ozone layer and also it's lack of airflow. Much like Los Angeles, Charlotte is a victim of geographical location. Pollution is trapped between the Appalachian Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, which lingers throughout the summer. Basically, you and your skin will basically be a walking, polluted bubble. If not taken care of properly, your skin will suffer and premature aging is imminent. Recommended Day Cream: When you have effective Climate-Smart® skincare to fall back on, you’ll know that you can have a happy face in anyplace.