White Truffle: Food for the Skin

By lacey / 18 December 2023

White Truffle: Food for the Skin
Every ingredient in our climate smart skincare is meticulously thought out and artfully chosen for its skin benefits. White Truffle is breaking out of its mold for being known as a delicacy as its benefits are harnessed in medicine and topical skincare. This luxurious super plant has its place on the plate, the medicine cabinet, and now in your skincare routine. Pour Moi is esteemed to be one of the only skincare brands that utilizes this powerful and potent ingredient. Composed primarily of water, vitamins, and minerals, the makeup of the White Truffle is a unique, luxurious combination with anti-aging, hydrating, and brightening benefits.

Expensive yet Priceless

Pour Moi goes the extra mile for well-rounded skincare products. Let’s just say that White Truffle isn’t the cheapest component in our Ingredients Glossary, but we don’t put a price on ingredients that we know will transform your skincare ritual. This rare, exclusive ingredient is making its way to beauty shelves at last, ensuring that your skin receives the antioxidant power of vitamin C and the hyperpigmentation prevention of vitamin B-12. The antioxidants fend against free radicals that are known to cause dark age spots, while the truffle goes to work restoring the skin to a smooth, even surface. The truffle is renowned for its anti-aging benefits, but it’s also key in promoting a brighter tighter surface. Vitamin B-6 brightens the complexion and aids in skin repairing its dry, itchy, and irritated patches. The essential fatty acids in this skincare powerhouse also stimulate deep cell repair so that skin function is naturally and noticeably improved. It’s no wonder why this particular truffle is so pricey! [Keep reading: The Skin Solution to Pollution: Anti-Aging Antioxidants]

So Much More Than Desert

The White Truffle is the rarest and most expensive of all the truffles because they’re found only in the wild, primarily in Italy. Due to global warming, fewer White Truffles are available each year. Although demand is high and supply is low, Pour Moi will stop at no ends to secure this revolutionary ingredient because it has the power to take great skincare to extraordinary skincare. In addition to keeping your skin glowing and free from wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots, the White Truffle provides your skin with long-lasting moisture retention abilities. With the ability to improve toxin removal, hasten skin renewal, and reduce skin irritation, it might as well be the skin’s wonder ingredient. Basically, the White Truffle is literally golden on the outside, and it might as well be gold on the inside. It’s an amazing, beauty-boosting, naturally occurring gift that should be cherished as none other than a skin superfood.