Sunscreen is More Than an Ingredient—It’s a Step

By lacey / 18 December 2023

Sunscreen is More Than an Ingredient—It’s a Step

Sun protection is essential for healthy and happy skin, which is why Pour Moi is hesitant to blend sunscreen into its high-performing Day Creams—Pour Moi encourages that sunscreen be applied on its own and not with other cosmetics.

Sunscreen can Prevent Damage and Possibly Reverse Aging

The benefits to skin of applying a daily broad spectrum sunscreen, protecting against UVA and UVB rays, are undeniable. New research shows that using sunscreen might be one of the most crucial steps in your anti-aging routine. The 2016 study sponsored by the Johnson & Johnson’s Skin Research Center has shown that using sunscreen daily prevents UV-caused wrinkles and reverses signs of aging. After 52 weeks with no other anti-aging topical treatments, 68% of participants found that they had fewer fine lines and wrinkles. Using only a daily sunscreen with SPF 30, the researchers found reductions in sun spots and unevenness.


We Believe Sunscreen Deserves its Own Layer

Individually, skincare and sunscreen have the potential to work wonders. When combined, the active ingredients in skincare are less effective because the sunscreen blocks both the sun and the skincare from penetrating the surface. Once you add the ray-blocking filters into the mix, the premium skincare has less of a chance to reach the deeper layers of the skin barrier. Because sunscreen is FDA regulated and tested, skincare with built-in sunscreen must have a mandated percentage of sunscreen ingredients in the product. Approximately 90% of skincare is made up of water and oils, so using a portion of the remaining 10% for sunscreen is cutting back the premium ingredients even further. In effect, your expensive moisturizer is just becoming a sunscreen.

What’s the Difference Between Skincare and Sunscreen?

The primary function of skincare is to hydrate and moisturize the layers of skin while healing and nourishing the skin barrier. Think of skincare as food for the skin to keep the skin moist, regenerative, and happy. With the help of antioxidants and vitamins, skincare fights off free radicals—skin damage created by environmental factors such as pollution and sunlight. Premium skincare combines anti-aging and moisturizing agents in a formulation that takes external factors into account. Sunscreen provides filters to bounce UV rays off the skin. Exactly as it sounds, sunscreen blocks unwanted exposure—less exposure to the sun means that anti-aging is a possible side effect of sunscreen. However, sunscreen isn’t your go-to for skin nourishment, although some sunscreen bottles trace amounts of antioxidants and vitamins for marketing purposes. When you use sunscreen to feed your skin antioxidants and vitamins, it’s the equivalent of trying to get all your nutritional needs from a single blueberry. [Keep reading: Yes, Pour Moi Packaging is Beautiful, But It's Also Smart]

Don’t be Afraid of the Sun

With proper care, you don’t have to fear the sun. Preparation is key for maximum protection and to maintain happy, healthy skin. Stay tuned because Pour Moi is coming out with its own formulated sunscreen! Until then, follow our expert recommendations. Your sunscreen doesn’t have to be expensive, but it must be:
  • oil-free
  • made in Europe
  • broad-spectrum SPF 30+
  • reapplied every two hours when outside
Stick to the tried-and-true layering order for happy skin: (1) skincare, (2) sunscreen, and (3) makeup.