Skin Hydration Products: 4 Reasons Why They Need to Address the Climate

By lesley / 18 December 2023

Skin Hydration Products: 4 Reasons Why They Need to Address the Climate

The key to great skin? Skin hydration products that take the climate into account.

Climate has a huge impact on your skin—but skincare companies don’t want you to know that. Why the big secret? Their products don’t contain the ingredients needed to combat dryness triggered by your environment. For skin hydration products that fit your personal needs, we’ll tell you the reasons why climate-smart skincare matters, and how Pour Moi is the only brand addressing climate-related skincare issues.

Aging is Primarily Caused by Environmental Factors

You apply skin hydration products on the surface of your skin. And the surface of your skin is where you begin to see signs of aging as early as (sorry!) your 20s. While issues like fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, and irritation do have a genetic component, they are mostly caused by the environmental factors like climate, pollution, and shifts in temperature. Focusing on your climate (instead of your skin type) by using Pour Moi products will take years off your face, and prevent future climate-induced damage from occurring. They're rich in antioxidants like vitamins A, C, and E, which protect your skin from free radicals caused by UV damage, and they contain a unique blend of peptides and botanicals, particularly White Truffle, which improves the skin’s surface and erases early signs of aging. When you use Pour Moi's 3-step ritual (Hydrating Balancer, Serum and Day Cream), each layer adds a boost of hydration, nutrients and protection for your skin from environmental aggressors.

Climate Causes Dehydration

We are all born with a certain type of skin. People with dry skin naturally produce less oil than those with normal or oily skin. Most companies base their products on this principle (creating and marketing products based on skin type), but it’s not quite that cut and dry: Most signs of dryness (dullness, irritation, fine lines) are actually the result of dehydration—meaning the skin isn’t absorbing enough water from the atmosphere—and this is caused by low humidity and other climate issues (not naturally dry skin). Since most moisturizers don’t address these climate factors, your skin may constantly feel dry no matter how many skin hydration products you slather on. Here’s the really crazy part: Dehydration can also trigger the skin to produce oil. If you’re living in a dry climate, your oil glands sense the lack of moisture in the atmosphere and go into overdrive to try to compensate for that dryness—over-producing oil. So while your skin may look oily (and your pores may be clogged) you actually have dehydrated skin. The way to rebalance is to moisturize the skin with the right products, which will calm oil glands. Pour Moi Day Creams contain three sizes of hyaluronic acid molecules to help your skin absorb water for optimal hydration. The three sizes smartly work by switching on the small molecules in dry climates to absorb water from what you drink, while the medium and large size molecules kick into high gear in humid climates to catch the moisture from the air.

Seasons Change Your Skin

You wouldn’t wear a down parka in the summer. You wouldn’t go out in just a T-shirt in the dead of winter. So why wear the same moisturizer all year long? Your face skin is just as sensitive to temperature as your body, so smoothing on the same old moisturizer for 12 months is going to end up leaving you high and dry. Pour Moi Day Creams are each specially formulated to adjust to temperature and humidity shifts in each particular climate. If you live in an area that maintains roughly the same temp and humidity level all year long, go ahead and stick with the Pour Moi Day Cream that best matches your climate (Polar, Tropical, Desert, or Temperate). If you live in a place with distinct seasons like the Northeast, which is known for harsh, dry winters, hot, humid summers, and mild shoulder seasons, switch up your cream when the weather changes. Regardless of which Climate Smart Day Cream you choose, it’s important to follow the Pour Moi 3-step ritual. Each one builds on the other to keep skin balanced and hydrated in each climate. Start with the Hydrating Balancer to restore skin balance, which can be disrupted by environmental stressors; then nourish with Serum (use Black for very dry skin, otherwise use White) which contain a concentrated formula of anti-aging and skin-boosting ingredients. Finally, impart moisture and protect skin from environmental aggressors with the Day Cream that best describes your climate.

Indoor “Climates” Dry Out Skin Too!

The air inside your home, gym, and office is super-dry. That’s because both heat and air conditioning remove moisture from the air. So your man-made environment can dehydrate your skin just as much as your natural one. If it’s 80 degrees outside and your home is a dry (air conditioned) 67, or it’s 25 degrees out and you have the heat cranked up to 72 in the house, your skin is going to get confused, leading to dryness and irritation. Pour Moi's skin hydration products contain squalane oil to help your skin respond to these indoor/outdoor temperature fluctuations and keep skin hydrated throughout the day.