Solutions to 4 Summer Skin Issues

By lacey / 18 December 2023

Solutions to 4 Summer Skin Issues

The summer season isn’t all unicorn floaties and pool parties. The hot season is infamous for its skyrocketing temperatures, and that means trouble for your skin.

This summer, we’re thinking of ourselves as your personal skin lifeguards. While you’re chasing waves at the beach and trekking trails on the mountains, Pour Moi is silently safeguarding you and your skin. So that you can focus on backyard barbeques and daytrips to the lake, we’ve made a solutions checklist to summer skin issues you’re likely to run into:

The seasonal sunburn

Is it even summer if you don’t get at least one sunburn? Take matters into your own hands to avoid looking like a lobster this year. Getting even one severe sunburn can affect your skin years down the road if you end up with melanoma, and many cases of sun-related skin issues are preventable. The obvious solution is sunscreen, but don’t roll your eyes at this no-brainer. There are proven anti-aging benefits to applying sunscreen, and it’s more important than ever to protect your skin when the sun is at its strongest. When the skies are clear and the sun is perched at its peak, the UV rays find their targets without difficulty. With air pollution levels heightening, UV rays are also escaping through the ozone layer much easier. Whether you’ve fallen asleep trying to get a natural tan or you lost track of time out on the boat, having reapplied a 30+ SPF sunscreen every so often could save you some serious hurt. We take sun exposure very seriously, but Pour Moi climate smart skincare doesn’t contain sunscreen for many reasons. While many moisturizers and foundations contain SPF, we believe that sunscreen should be its own step instead of being lumped into other cosmetic products. Skincare first, then sunscreen.

Turning into an oil rig

The extreme temperatures can exacerbate preexisting skin issues. If you experience oiliness throughout the year, you might fear the summer season will turn you into an oil rig. It’s no coincidence that you might experience extra oiliness in the summer even if you normally experience dryness; The extreme heat in combination with severe dryness or humidity in the air is bound to kick your oil production into high gear. It’s simple biology: The habitat ignites the overproduction of sebum, an oily secretion, by your skin’s sebaceous glands. Understanding it doesn’t make it any more fun, however. The beauty products you use, however, can save the day. Even though summer is the time for natural makeup looks, it’s not the time to fall back on your skincare routine. Pour Moi’s Desert and Tropical Day Creams are formulated with the extreme temperature and humidity levels in mind. Just when you think you’re about to drown in your own skin this summer, climate smart skincare delivers water-based hydration to the skin so it doesn’t have to compensate with oiliness.

The thirst is real

It’s one thing to be thirsty, but dehydration takes it a couple steps further. You can tell right away when your body is dehydrated, but your skin is a little different. Signs of skin dehydration show up as common skin issues, such as oiliness, dryness, inflammation, and breakouts, so your first thought doesn’t jump to the actual culprit — dehydration. Dehydrated skin is more common during the summer months because of the extreme temperatures. Even when humidity levels are high, such as in tropical climates, dehydrated skin can still occur because hydration escapes the body through sweat. Traditional skincare can also invoke dehydration because the humectant ingredients aren’t formulated according to the extreme environmental conditions. Drinking a lot of water during the summer will only get your skin so far. When temperatures are uncomfortably high for the body to naturally regulate itself, the skin can’t rehydrate to optimum levels. Pour Moi climate smart skincare knows how to hydrate the skin even when the scorching summer days would have it otherwise.  

Getting friendly with acne

If you’re not in the desert, your summer is probably a humid one. The extra moisture in the air is nice at first, perhaps even giving you an Instagram worthy dewiness, but eventually it catches up to your skin. Increased sweating in the summer can clog your pores while the environment quietly plays a role of its own. The combination of extreme heat and humidity is shocking to the skin. The high temperatures exacerbate the effects of pollution, meaning that free radicals are infiltrating deep into the epidermis and causing inflammation and breakouts. While the effects of pollution are heightened by the temperature, the soaring humidity thickens the air and carries toxins and irritants. This is where Pour Moi comes in. Whether you’re in the desert or the tropics, we have a cream for that. The Pour Moi Tropical Day Cream in particular prevents airborne pollutants from irritating the skin, and all climate smart Day Creams promote a healthy skin barrier that can protect itself from harmful external factors. You don’t have to remain cordial with acne — with Pour Moi, you can be friends with your skin again.