Skin Breaking Out? Travel Mistakes You’re Making with Your Skin

By karina / 18 December 2023

Skin Breaking Out? Travel Mistakes You’re Making with Your Skin

Aaah, travel. How do we love thee? Let us count the ways: exotic new locales (and locals), eye-opening new perspectives, exploration, and relaxation. The list goes on and on. What we don’t love? How it often throws our skin into a complete tailspin (think jet lag coming alive on your face: skin breaking out, sensitivity, irritation and more).

More often than not, travel involves quickly moving from one climate to another, and your skin simply can’t keep up with the modern miracle of quickly being able to move from one part of the world (or country) to another. Forget about over-packing; the biggest travel mistake may be not prepping your skin for your big trip, or tailoring your routine to your destination and climate, like Pour Moi Skincare is designed to do. Here, our rules for when you’re on the road and experiencing skin breaking out, irritation, or other skin woes.

Rule #1: Tailor Your Skincare to Your Climate – Not Your Skin Type

If you’ve been following the rule of thumb of traditional skincare—treating based on your skin type—your complexion will be in for a big shock. For example, someone using a thick, rich moisturizer for her dry skin hops on a plane for a balmy vaca. On the plane, her skin is exposed to the brutally low humidity and recirculating air of the cabin, which is actually enough of a change to damage her skin barrier. Once she lands, she then steps out into the new-to-her hot-and-humid air. Is it any wonder that her skin’s temperature and humidity sensors go haywire? Her skin isn’t just breaking out, it’s freaking out. “In Pour Moi’s climate smart skincare, we separate between outer skin and inner skin. Outer skin is the epidermis where skincare lives. It never reaches the inner skin- the dermis. Your outer skin struggles to adjust, but in some cases, it can get ‘sick,’” explains Ulli Haslacher, founder of Pour Moi Skincare. “If you’re traveling between harsh climates, such as tropical, desert or polar, you can see this happening as the acne and rosacea make an appearance.” But like your immune system, the stronger and well-cared-for the epidermis is, the more resilient it is to harsh conditions, and the more likely it is to stay healthy - and when it is, you won't experience your skin breaking out in response to climate changes.

Rule #2: Consistency is Key

That’s why a consistent skincare system is especially important. First, it ensures that your skin is healthy and strong before you start your journey. Second, the right system—one that’s made to work with your skin’s natural climate-sensing abilities—will give you exactly what you need based on what’s happening outside. And using a skincare system that allows you to switch from one climate-smart day cream to another (like using Temperate Day Cream when you’re in New York, and then switching to Tropical Day Cream when you travel to Miami the next day), without sacrificing anti-aging or hydration benefits is the ultimate way to keep your skin consistently healthy and cared-for. Pour Moi Climate Smart Skincare is the only line on the market that has the ability to do this. By using Pour Moi's products consistently, skin breaking out can become a thing of the past.

Rule #3: Size (and Quality of Ingredients) Matters

Surprisingly, a potent anti-aging ingredient may be less effective based on where you are. Case in point: Hyaluronic acid. It’s one of the gold-standard ingredients in any skincare line, with good reason—it acts as a sponge, pulling moisture into the skin and keeping it there for maximum hydration (think the difference between a grape and a raisin). “Penetration into the skin depends on how stable the ingredient is when applied to the skin and gets exposed to heat, air and light, and also what molecule size the ingredient has (as it depends how deep it can skin into the skin),” explains Ulli. “Hyaluronic acid is an excellent hydrator that not just attracts water from the atmosphere but also holds the water molecule. Because the large size molecules are the water grabbing kind, they sit on the surface. If there are no different sizes of Hyaluronic acids, and there is not enough water in the air for the large molecules to grab, they can actually turn against your skin and pull water from the deeper skin layers. When skin faces dry climates, the smaller molecules will help to offset the larger molecule size. This is the most premium way to help skin restore its natural moisture balance.“ Sounds complicated and it is… sort of. Thankfully, formulating climate-smart products is the hard part. What’s easy is applying and wearing them. Pour Moi skincare products are lightweight and designed to deliver maximum anti-aging benefits and hydration, depending upon climate. The actives are the same in each day cream to help reap long-term benefits and keep skin consistently balanced in every climate, so you don't experience skin breaking out.

Rule #4: Layer on Hydration

If you live in a polar or desert climate, or are traveling into either, hydration is key. But Pour Moi makes it as easy as 1-2-3. Start by sweeping on a Hydrating Balancer with a cotton pad, followed by a serum. In polar and desert climates, if your skin is dry and fragile, the Pour Moi Black Serum adds a highly concentrated dose of Hyaluronic acid and Squalane Oil, as well as skin-protecting antioxidants and botanical ingredients. If your skin is battling oil, opt for the White Serum. Apply the serum, and then top with your Day Cream (Polar, Tropical, Desert or Temperate) or Night Cream.