Protecting Your Skin in Polar-Coaster Weather

By krista / 18 December 2023

Protecting Your Skin in Polar-Coaster Weather
If we’ve learned anything from these unprecedented times, it’s that life can be unpredictable — and being prepared for anything is key to getting through it. It’s even the same with the weather and your skin. We know the climate can be unpredictable, too, especially in winter. One day it’s nearly balmy and comfortable, the next is an arctic blast of cold weather. And as a result, your skin can get off-balance in the up and down temperatures of polar-coaster weather that shifts from warm to cool to frigid temperatures – all in one season. A change in the weather, even just when the seasons change can wreak havoc on your complexion: dryness, oiliness, and/or breakouts. So, it’s important to have an array of skincare products on hand to cover your skin’s changing needs. “Season changes bring an array of environmental elements that affect our skin on a daily basis,” says Avnee Shah, M.D. Shah, a dermatologist in New York and New Jersey. Switching up your products seasonally, or when the weather shifts from one day to another, helps maintain healthy, balanced skin all year round. Pour Moi, the only climate-smart skincare line, makes the switch completely foolproof. This innovative brand has created products designed to help your skin adapt to the environment around you, including Day Creams for six different climates. They work nicely when our weather patterns shift, whether you experience just a polar climate this winter, or experience a polar-coaster climate where you live.

How Climate-Smart Skincare Works

Pour Moi’s 3-step ritual is a first-of-its-kind system that allows you to layer on hydration with each step. This approach means skin stays optimally hydrated and healthy, no matter what the climate, seasonal change, and manmade conditions bring.

Step 1:

Hydrating Balancer (available in Arid if you’re facing dry conditions and Humid for a more humid climate) restores skin’s balance after cleansing.

Step 2:

Serums (Black Serum for dehydrated skin, White Serum normal or combination skin, or Blue Serum for oily or acne-prone complexions) provide skin nourishment, delivering premium anti-aging and skin benefiting ingredients.

Step 3:

Day Creams are each tailored to specific climates so that skin is protected, moisturized and allowed to thrive in every season. One of the standout ingredients in the Pour Moi Day Creams is the Geo-hydradynamic complex. In this proprietary complex, there are three different sized molecules of hyaluronic acid, a humectant that draws water into the skin. While most products only use one standard size, Pour Moi products include small, medium, and large molecules, because the different sizes are more effective in different climates. The large molecules activate in humid climates, while the smaller sizes work better in drier environments. Plus, there are hydrators and botanicals chosen to suit the needs of your skin based on the climate you’re in. Pour Moi has your winter polar-coaster weather skincare needs covered.

Adapting Your Skin to a Polar-coaster Weather System

Simply pick the moisturizer based on what weather elements you’re experiencing that day. The beauty of Pour Moi is that you can interchange them as the weather shifts and your skin doesn’t suffer; it stays balanced.

If your polar-coaster weather is…. cold and dry

When the temperature and the humidity levels dip, moisture escapes from skin more easily – something called transepidermal water loss (TEWL), says Shah. So, what’s in the best moisturizers for dry skin? Two special types of ingredients. 1: Humectants, which pull water into the skin from the atmosphere. 2: Occlusives – ingredients that create a protective layer on skin, sealing in moisture. Polar Day Cream contains hyaluronic acid, a humectant, plus shea butter and squalane oil. These ingredients fortify the skin’s barrier, preventing moisture loss. If you live in an area where the altitude is high and the air is especially thin and dry, Mountain Day Cream is formulated to combat the moisture loss that can occur in this type of climate. It also contains Red Snow Algae, which grows in the Swiss Alps, known to protect against extreme low temperatures and the added UV exposure that comes along with a high-altitude lifestyle.

If your polar-coaster weather is…. cool, but humid

If winter is gray and rainy, Marine Day Cream is formulated for this chilly, but moist weather. It contains marine bioactives to stimulate your skin’s own store of ceramides and lipids that help skin maintain its moisture.

If your polar-coaster weather is….mild

When the temps don’t go to extremes and humidity levels stay comfortable, the weather in these two seasons is pretty nice for your skin. To maintain happy and balanced skin, Temperate Day Cream keeps skin’s barrier (its outermost layer) healthy and strong with humectants, including hyaluronic acid and glycerin. And since your skin is in a good place, now is prime time to do some anti-aging work: seaweed extract boosts firmness, while peptides and white truffle go to work on fine lines. Unpredictable weather is hard on your skin. When you live in an area that experiences shifts in weather patterns that can leave you with mild temperatures one day, but polar conditions the next, it calls for a change in your skincare. Pour Moi makes it easy to make the switch with products to protect your skin in every weather situation. #geomoisturization #nowthatsclimatesmart