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Desert Day Cream | Hot & Dry
Desert Day Cream | Hot & Dry
Desert Day Cream | Hot & Dry
Desert Day Cream | Hot & Dry
Desert Day Cream | Hot & Dry

Desert Day Cream | Hot & Dry

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30 ml/1 oz | For all skin From the Rhône-Alpes Region, France 

Dry desert climate is characterized by ariddry, sometimes windy air and hyper-sunlight, coupled with even drier indoor air from air conditioning.

It's the first-of-its-kind moisturizer scientifically formulated to help your skin adapt, repair and protect itself in this extreme dry climate. Traditional skincare will not allow moisture to be maintained but Desert Day Cream will.

US Patent No. 10485997 (Step 3) 

Use twice a day or in the morning only if you use the Night Cream at night. 

The climate-specific day cream is Step 3 of our patented Climate-Smart® 3-Step System. Apply the Desert Day Cream after the serum.

Here's how:

1. Pump one to two drops onto your fingertips and gently apply to the face and neck. 

2. Use twice a day for best results or substitute with the Night Cream at night.

Climate-Smart Tips: 
-  Match your Day Cream to the specific local climate you're in.

-  If you travel to a different time zone, you are most likely in a different climate. This is when you should rotate your day cream to match the climate you're in. 

-  Less is more with potent Pour Moi. You only need a drop.

    • Geo-hydradynamic complex—Desert: promotes optimal skin hydration in a desert climate.
    • Cutting-edge water and oil-based hydrators: reduce Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL).
    • Lightweight regenerating oils, including Squalane Oil: create a thin barrier that helps retain moisture and amends the lipid barrier.
    • Protective bio-actives: neutralize extreme air-conditioning and large temperature swings between indoors & outdoors.
    • Encapsulated & time-release vitamin A, C, E complex (ascorbyl palmitate, tocopherol, retinyl palmitate): Vitamin A promotes the enzyme activity of the skin and increases its collagen content, thus promotes effectively skin regeneration. Vitamin E and vitamin C uniquely combined act as super power antioxidants, helping actively to prevent visible signs of aging.