Peeling Back the Layers of Skin: The Lipid Barrier

By lacey / 18 December 2023

Peeling Back the Layers of Skin: The Lipid Barrier
A layer of your skin that you may never heard of is one of the most important to keep healthy — the almighty lipid barrier. We can’t emphasize the importance of the lipid barrier enough, as it’s responsible for the health and appearance of skin and the efficiency of the skin function. If you want smooth, hydrated skin, a healthy skin barrier is vital, and Pour Moi will help get you there.

The Lipid Barrier Unpacked

The skin barrier is often explained using the ‘brick and mortar’ analogy. If the skin barrier were a brick wall, skin cells would be the bricks and the lipids holding them together would be the mortar. It’s important in skin health and appearance to have a strong mortar holding the skin cells together because this is what gives us firm and smooth skin. Officially known as the Acid Mantle, the lipid barrier is part of the outermost layer of the skin, the Stratum Corneum — this is the part of the skin that interacts with the surrounding environment on a daily basis. As the name suggests, the lipid barrier is composed of fatty acids called lipids that play a large role in skin’s texture and hydration level. Who knew that fats could be so important? Fluids travel to deeper layers of the skin through the lipids, so it’s important to maintain a healthy balance of lipids for the effective of skincare. Since fatty acids are oil-soluble, moisture in skincare can travel further. Pour Moi is water-based skincare, packed with sources of hydration and moisture that skin recognizes and accepts. Not only will Pour Moi travel further through skin’s lipids, Pour Moi promotes a healthy lipid barrier for improved hydration levels and natural protection. [Read more: Maintain a Healthy pH Balance to Level Up Your Skin] [caption id="attachment_937" align="alignnone" width="570"] Photo courtesy of HealthPost

How Climate Affects the Lipid Barrier

There are a number of lifestyle factors that can wear down the lipid barrier—stress, smoking, cleansing, diet, etc. However, we can’t control environmental factors, such as weather elements, pollution, radiation, etc. There’s external influences around us all the time that result in poor or damaged functioning of the lipid barrier, and there’s only one skincare (if you guessed Pour Moi, you’re right!) that promotes healthy skin function despite the environmental forces working against it. Extreme weather conditions are largely responsible for any disruptions or breeches in the lipid barrier. Extreme heat or frost, severely dry or humid air, and a plethora of elements that we face throughout the year cause moisture in the lipid barrier to evaporate. When there’s no mortar holding up the skin cells, they accumulate on the surface of the skin. This can cause an overly dry appearance at first, but the buildup of oil underneath will eventually protrude as an oily breakout. Climate and premature aging are inextricably linked, and the lipid barrier is right there in the middle. Extreme climate conditions can weaken the skin’s defense system, allowing bacteria and infections to spread. The compromised protection of the skin also weakens the skin’s natural ability to regenerate new skin cells, ultimately leading to wrinkles and fine lines.

Premium Skincare = Healthy Lipid Barrier

With all the ways that the climate can affect our skin’s natural defense and regenerative systems, your skin is not helpless with the help of Pour Moi. Our climate smart skincare is scientifically designed to hydrate and protect skin when faced with extreme conditions, so you can have a balanced and functioning lipid barrier in anyplace. Climate smart skincare is an important part of maintaining a healthy lipid barrier that promotes a firm, youthful-looking complexion. By ensuring that your outermost layer is kept healthy and strong, you can maintain overall healthier and happier skin that brings your inner shine to the surface.