Outer Skin and Inner Skin: How does skincare relate?

By ulli / 18 December 2023

Outer Skin and Inner Skin: How does skincare relate?

Do you know the difference between the Outer skin and Inner skin?

It is a common misconception that skincare products must penetrate the outer skin and the inner skin in order for the product to work. If the skincare product you are using does not have an approval from the FDA, and it claims to penetrate the outer skin, then stop using it immediately. Before you go out and buy another skincare product, it is important for you to know the difference and functions of each layer of your skin, so you can choose the right one.

The Outer Skin

The outer skin is, for lack of better words, the gateway between the external world and the body. Being in the "middle", the outer skin is hugely affected by both the outer factors, such as climate, and how the body responds to those external factors and challenges. Contrary to popular belief, the outer skin requires little to no resources from inside of the body and instead is able to renew itself constantly. The body considers the Outer Skin to be outside of its system, and therefore is made up of dead skin cells held together by Sebum (a waxy substance that acts as glue). Don't believe it? Scratch your arm right now and you will see that you do not bleed. Why is that? Reason being is blood vessels cannot live on dead skin cells, which means the outer skin needs no support from inside the body, but rather from somewhere else. The outer skin relies much more on hydration from external factors such as humidity in the air than from inside the body. Therefore, the health of your outer skin is reliant on the environment surrounding you. As a gateway to the outside world and guardian of our wellbeing, the skin is the organ most vulnerable to the external factors in your climate.

Skincare and the Outer Skin

The top part of the outer skin is where skincare lives. The dead skin cells turn flat in the top layers located above the barrier, creating a “shield” to the outside world. This is the area where moisturizers do their best. Here, skincare can have a huge impact on significantly improving the look and feel of the skin, and effectively help to promote a healthy skin barrier for overall good skin health. Luckily, Pour Moi Skincare is the only brand addressing climate-related skincare issues. In short, Pour Moi is skincare based on your climate. With years of extensive research with scientists and beauty experts, Pour Moi Skincare created a Climate-Smart® skincare technology that combines the best of nature with cutting-edge, scientifically advanced ingredients formulated to harmonize skin with the climate. It lock-ins moisture and active ingredients according to your skin’s behavior in a certain climate. With the outer skin acting as our guardian, it is important to have a skincare product that keeps it feeling good and healthy. Hot, humid, dry, or cold - each condition has a profound impact on your outer skin and you must have a skincare product that can protect it.

The Inner Skin

The inner skin, or dermis, is the area below the skin barrier and are considered to be inside the body. They make up large parts of the skin, including your skin functions such as nerves, sensors, and blood vessels. It is made of collagen and elastin fibers embedded in a glue-like hyaluronic acid matrix. It gets plenty of water from the body and from every glass of water you drink. The glow from within is when your inner skin is well hydrated and healthy.

Skincare and the Inner Skin

Skincare has no effect on the inner skin. Ingredients that reach the dermis and/or cause a change in the structure and/or function of skin are considered a drug in the USA, according to the FDA. Drugs are highly regulated and any violation has serious consequences. Skincare bought at your doctor’s office without a prescription (including a drug warning label on the back) does not impact the dermis! Pour Moi Skincare does not break into the inner skin but instead focuses on your outer skin. Pour Moi only uses top-notch ingredients, each tested for both effectiveness and safety. Once the ingredients are selected for a particular formula, the formula is tested for both safety and efficacy. Once completed, the formula goes through a series of packaging compatibility tests making sure the product stays pristine and no bacteria developed. All in all, you can trust Pour Moi to keep your outer skin healthy and fresh.