How Skin Transitions with the Fall Season

By lacey / 18 December 2023

How Skin Transitions with the Fall Season
Summer isn’t over yet, but it’s never too early to start thinking about what your skin will be facing next. As the extreme climate transitions, skin gets to relax a little in a temperate climate before winter creeps up on us. By now, your Pour Moi Ritual should finish with a climate smart Day Cream. In a lot of places, intense summers will either call for the Tropical Day Cream or Desert Day Cream depending on the humidity level. In the coming months, temperatures will fall and humidity will become average, so you’ll retire your summer cream of choice for the Temperate Day Cream. Your skin will love this season and the only moisturizer formulated for it!

Skin’s Favorite Climate

When it is too hot, our skin lets us know, and when it is dry outside, our skin reacts as well. When describing a particular climate, the easiest description includes the range of temperature and humidity levels. This is how we distinguish our climate smart Day Creams that harmonize skin to the environment it’s in. But there’s all kinds of environmental factors within climates — sun, wind, frost, rain, and so on. Not to mention that man-made climates, aka air-conditioning and heating, and pollution levels also play a role in the skin’s relationship with the climate. Even when enduring extreme conditions, we strive every day to keep skin as healthy and happy as possible. When the summer season starts coming to an end, skin is in for a transient period of restoration. Transitional seasons like fall are the periods when skin doesn’t have to work as hard against external elements to maintain its moisture balance, beautiful appearance, and overall wellness. You might be thinking that fall is nowhere near your skin’s favorite season due to allergies and unpredictable weather in some places, but the mild range of temperatures and average levels of humidity throughout the season is comforting for skin. You might think differently from personal experience — maybe your oily skin slows down in the desert or your dry skin softens in the tropics (you’re one of the lucky ones), but there’s nothing like the climate that skin naturally prefers. [Keep reading: What Happens to Skin When Moving or Traveling]

As the Leaves Change, So Does Skin

The autumn season is often referred to as the time of change. As the new season unfolds and the leaves begin to change colors, most individual do not even realize the effect that the fall season will have on their skin. There’s some misconceptions about when to use skincare based on the season. Many people believe that winter is the most important season to use skincare, but the truth is that skin is affected by all climate conditions and corresponding seasons. Pour Moi’s climate smart Temperate Day Cream is formulated specifically for all the environmental factors skin is likely to face in a temperate climate: mild sun, clouds, precipitation, normal humidity, and pollution. You may even find yourself in air-conditioning or heating during the fall season. Climate smart skincare ensures that skin is well maintained throughout all the shifts in the environment that’s constantly surrounding us. Our skin is a semi-permeable barrier, which means that it mediates between good and bad materials. Pour Moi ensures that skin smoothly progresses through the ever-changing climates without sacrificing its hydration, nourishment, and beauty.