Everything You Need to Know About Free Radicals

By lacey / 18 December 2023

Everything You Need to Know About Free Radicals
Sometimes to understand how our skin ages and why we experience unwanted skin issues, we need to get a little scientific. If you’re already using climate smart skincare or if you’re simply curious about it, then we know you’ve got the brains for this. So let’s break down the free radical theory of aging. Your entire body is made up of molecules, which are broken down further into atoms that are composed of pairs of electrons. Free radical damage occurs when an atom in the body is missing an electron, so it becomes unstable and tries to take electrons from skin atoms. Free radical damage to the skin’s DNA can expedite the visible signs of aging in the skin, including discoloration, sagging, and fine lines.

Seriously, Mother Nature?

With all the ways that the climate affects skin, it might feel like Mother Nature is constantly against us. The atmosphere carries an abundance of toxins — pollutants, smog, dust, smoke. metals, chemicals, and radiation — that the skin barrier must filter through, but this process isn’t easy nor is it always successful. When free radicals overpower the body’s ability to curtail them, a condition known as oxidative stress develops. Thus, free radicals extremely alter proteins, lipids, and DNA, thereby allowing disease and damages to infiltrate the body. The free radical damage to skin makes the barrier susceptible to infiltration by environmental stressors. In big cities with heavy industry, pollution is heightened by transportation and factories that emit lots of gases and airborne chemicals. Even though we can’t always see air pollution and the free radical damage it causes, we must take preventative measures in order to not see the aftermath on our faces. [Keep reading: How Skin Transitions with the Fall Season]

Never Fear, Pour Moi is Here!

It’s important to remember that you are not powerless when it comes to your wellbeing and happiness. This is true in general but also when concerning your skin. We all make an effort to look after our skin — after all, our skin is the first thing others see, and it’s your organs’ personal body guard. So, you’re in luck when it comes to preventing and decreasing free radical damage. Skincare with potent antioxidants strike a balance between unstable and stable atoms to enable proper physiological functions of the skin as the body’s barrier. All Pour Moi products are enriched with protective antioxidants because our skincare is climate smart, and it takes the destructive free radicals into account. Because antioxidants are compounds with an extra electron to spare, free radicals can latch onto that extra electron and become stable. Pour Moi climate smart skincare has it all figured out. No one is immortal. We are all bound to grow old, but we shouldn’t have to experience external aging before our time. Regardless of age, everyone should endeavor to prevent skin damage caused by the climate because external aging is appearing in younger generations as climates become more extreme. Only Pour Moi is the solution to aggressive climates aging us in our prime.