Best Hydration for Face Health When It's Hot and Humid Outside

By genevieve / 18 December 2023

Best Hydration for Face Health When It's Hot and Humid Outside

Wanted: best hydration for face in hot, humid weather.

During the summer, many of us adopt a simpler approach to beauty. Daily makeup may be dialed down to bronzer, mascara and a swipe of bright gloss. Hair is airdried or twisted into a casual knot at the nape. Even our fragrances (and moods) lighten up when the sun arrives. There is, however, one exception to summer slacking: skincare. When temperatures and humidity rise, resist the urge to scrimp on your face-care routine; instead, follow these strategies for the best hydration for face health. While it’s true that humid conditions make the skin a little less vulnerable to dehydration than it would be in colder, dryer conditions, we still encounter plenty of sneaky seasonal skin-dehydrators. Swimming, sun exposure, even air-conditioning can all zap moisture from the skin—and a little extra water in the outside air won’t make up the difference—leading you to Google "best hydration for face" before the situation gets out of control. So, what does a summertime skincare regimen look like? It need not be high-maintenance but it should be thorough and consistent. Here is a streamlined regimen anyone (even those prone to summer slacking) can easily follow to keep their complexion supple this season.

Summer Skincare Strategy #1: Start and End Every Day with a Gentle Cleanser

Washing your face daily, especially before bed, is important during the summer for two reasons. First, all that humidity in the air makes your skin a breeding ground for bacteria, so it’s crucial to remove the debris that collects on your skin during the day. Second, regular washing also sloughs away dead skin cells so your day and night moisturizers, as well as any treatment products, can be effectively absorbed and do their jobs. Tip: To ensure you are removing every trace of daytime grime, summer is a good time to add a balancing toner or lotion to your cleansing regimen. Pour Moi’s Hydrating Balancer, applied with a cotton pad, will wick away any remaining dirt and infuse skin with a layer of light moisture, while also pH balancing skin.

Summer Skincare Strategy #2: Moisturize Every Morning

“Never skip your daily moisturizer just because it’s hot and humid outside,” says Christina Dukes, PharmD, BOPC, a pharmacy specialist. “It’s important, even in humidity, to use a climate-appropriate formula to keep skin nourished. Under-hydrating may cause your complexion to become irritated and over-produce oil.” The result: dehydrated skin that’s also greasy and breaking out. Not good. The best hydration for face in humid conditions? Use a daytime formula with Hyaluronic Acid, a substance that naturally exists in the skin and whose purpose is to hold moisture, as well as draw water from the air when the skin needs an extra boost of hyrdation. Both of Pour Moi’s warm-weather formulas, the Tropical and Desert Day Creams, contain a complex called HyalurTurf+, made of Hyaluronic Acid in three different molecule sizes. The size variance ensures your skin is always maintaining just the right amount of moisture—never too little or too much. Bonus: The Tropical formula also contains coconut acid to keep pores clear of bacteria buildup associated with high humidity.

Summer Skincare Strategy #3: Slather on Sunscreen

Pour Moi Tropical and Desert Day Creams both contain antioxidants to help protect against UV damage. But, in the summer, topping your daytime moisturizer with a broad-spectrum SPF 30 is also crucial to keeping skin shielded from dehydrating rays.

Summer Skincare Strategy #4: Seal the Deal Before Bed

Just as skipping daytime moisturizer leaves your skin vulnerable to dehydrating environmental assaults, forgoing a nighttime treatment means you’re missing an opportunity to boost moisture while you sleep. But a bedtime treatment need not be heavy or sticky, especially in the summer when weightless is the name of the game. Formulas that utilize the aforementioned water-like hyaluronic acid, or another lightweight hydrator such as Glycerin, will act like a tall glass of water for the skin, replenishing and plumping sans stickiness while you sleep. Both of Pour Moi’s Serums (Black for extremely dry skin and White for normal, oily and combination complexions) contain both Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin, as well as other ingredients to help firm and tighten, fade dark spots, and diminish the appearance of fine lines. After serum, finish with Night Cream, rich in Myrtle Extract for skin regeneration, Seaweed Extract, for firmness plus vitamins A, C and E to reduce the visible signs of aging.