A Love Letter to The One Climate That Doesn’t Age Your Skin. Meet Temperate.

By genevieve / 18 December 2023

A Love Letter to The One Climate That Doesn’t Age Your Skin. Meet Temperate.
Like your favorite pair of jeans, the Temperate Day Cream is a moisturizer that is appropriate and comfortable most days of the year: 65°F - 79°F with average humidity. Think fall, spring, early summer, late winter—or, on cooler days, all-year-round in states like California, Florida and large swaths of the South. Like all of Pour Moi’s daytime moisturizers, the Temperate Day Cream was designed for maximum efficacy in a specific climate. The Temperate formula uses what we call Temperate Climate Energized Beautifiers (TE-CEBs) to protect and nourish your complexion when conditions outside your door are fairly mild: e.g. moderate temperatures, sun exposure, precipitation and pollution. Here, a few of this easy-to-wear formula’s climate-specific benefits.

It Boasts Happy-Medium Hydration

When the climate is mild, heavy moisturizers may make your face feel sticky or greasy. That’s why the Temperate Day Cream is spiked with our HyalurTruf+ complex (Hyaluronic Acid + White Truffle). The trio of Hyaluronic Acid molecules come in three different sizes that aim for “just right” hydration—neither too much nor too little. How the trio works: They pull moisture from both the atmosphere, as well as liquids and watery foods we consume, customizing the quantity drawn according to what your skin needs on any given day. The White Truffle acts as a moisturizer that protects the skin barrier function.

It Helps Your Skin Help Itself

A unique cocktail of 8 climate-specific, biomimetic hydrating and emollient ingredients (like Squalane Oil) in the Temperate formula creates a very thin but effective film on the skin, preventing Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL), a common cause of chronic dryness, even when the weather outside is mild. Ensuring this moisture stays inside your skin also helps keep your barrier function (that’s your skin’s protective “wall” made of lipids) intact, enabling it to better defend itself from any outside irritants.

It Makes Fighting Aging Easy

When the weather is neither very hot nor very cold, our skin is less apt to act out…and we can become complacent about caring for it. Thus, the Temperate Day Cream picks up our slack. It may feel like just a light daytime cream, but this hard-working formula is chockfull of age-defying peptides and botanicals, such as White Truffle, which target the major signs of aging: fine lines, wrinkles and dull skin. It’s also laced with skin-firming Seaweed Extract to counteract sagging.

Like Your Favorite Jeans, The Temperate Day Cream Can Be Dressed Up or Down

The Temperate Day Cream is a terrific treatment product on its own, but its benefits can be enhanced when you combine it with other Pour Moi products. For maximum efficacy, apply this day cream as your third a.m. skincare step: after smoothing on a thin layer of the Hydrating Balancer and a drop of the Pour Moi Serum that’s appropriate for your complexion (Black is for dry to very dry; White is for everyone else!). Then complement the Temperate Day Cream at night with our lightweight, works-in-every-climate Night Cream. And if you do plan to leave your mild weather to jet off to ski or sun in a colder or steamier climate, swap out the Temperate formula for the Polar, Desert or Tropical Day Creams, respectively. Poor me? No Pour Moi!