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Marine Moisture-Burst Mask
$49.00 $49.00
Marine Moisture-Burst Mask - Pour Moi Skincare
Marine Moisture-Burst Mask - Pour Moi Skincare
Marine Moisture-Burst Mask - Pour Moi Skincare

Marine Moisture-Burst Mask

$49.00 $49.00
Rainy season acclimating Marine Moisture Burst Mask is a scientifically advanced mask that soothes and supports skin’s natural process of adjusting to the cool and very humid climatic conditions for clear, resilient, youthful-looking skin.

It’s a much-needed beauty treatment for everybody that lives in or travels to a location where the sky is overcast, and you need to carry an umbrella. Proven to diminish or prevent rosacea flare-ups, a common condition for skin that struggles to acclimate.
or 5 interest-free payments of
or 5 interest-free payments of
Made In France
For All Skin
Safe + Effective
Vegan + Cruelty Free
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SPF Free
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About This Product

Ease your skin in Overcast and Cool environments

The first facial mask targeted to ease skin adaptation in cool and humid climatic conditions, the exquisite Marine Moisture-Burst Mask helps protect skin while balancing hydration and skin’s natural radiance and rejuvenation in these climatic conditions.

  • Formulated specifically for a MARINE climate this mask is a clean, vegan biomimetic (skin-mimicking) mask that mirror healthy skin’s specific biochemistry to serve as a “blueprint” for its acclimation process
  • This one-of-its-kind mask advances skin’s ability to balance hydration for plump, supple, and soft skin.
  • Provides a proprietary blend of actives that reduce the appearance of wrinkles, smoothes & regenerates skin.

For the list of Moisture-Burst Mask ingredients click here.


  • Oarweed extract rejuvenates and protects “adult stem cells” in the dermis, by prolonging tissue youth.
  • Plant-based D Glucose balances hydration and strengthens skin barrier function.
  • Charcoal powder creates fast absorbing, deeply purifying and detoxifying properties.

How To Apply

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Apply Moisture-Burst Mask

Apply a generous even layer (avoiding your lips, eyes, and eyebrows)

Remove after 10-15 minutes using a warm towel or a moist roundie pad

After removing the mask, lock it in with your climate-specific Day Cream

Driven By Results

100% driven by results, our Climate-Smart® approach transforms how your skin looks and feels.
Say skin looks more youthful & brighter.
Say skin feels more supple & hydrated.
*Proven results based on a third-party independent study.

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