Smoke Alarm Drops
Wildfire Smoke Pollution | Smoke Alarm Drops - Pour Moi Skincare
Wildfire Smoke Pollution | Smoke Alarm Drops - Pour Moi Skincare
Smoke Alarm Drops | Smoke Pollution - Pour Moi Skincare
Smoke Pollution | Smoke Alarm Drops - Pour Moi Skincare
Smoke Pollution | Smoke Alarm Drops - Pour Moi Skincare

Smoke Alarm Drops


Winner of Popular Science 2022 Best-Of-What's-New: The Greatest Inventions in Aviation, Health, and Beyond. Category: Personal Care

Scientifically proven to safeguard your skin by providing 100% protection against smoke particles adhering to the skin. These luxurious, shield-like drops effectively prevent any potential damage smoke particles might inflict on your skin's well-being and appearance.

Our atmosphere is often filled with smoke particles from wildfires and volcanic eruptions, spreading over thousands of miles and creating hazy skies. These tiniest particles can easily stick to your skin's uppermost layers until it sheds them off. Ironically, modern moisturizers can prevent the skin from becoming dry enough to naturally shed these particles. Once trapped, medical research shows that smoke particles can cause various skin issues, worsen existing conditions, and lead to signs of aging due to increased oxidative stress. Learn more.

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About This Product

The first-of-its-kind skincare solution to a serious present and future problem


Data shows wildfires are getting more frequent and with an intensity far above average for California, Oregon, and Washington since at least 2003, launching smoke particles into the jet streams on an around-the-world journey. Despite this conclusive data covered by many news outlets, most people are still unaware of how it impacts them personally.

While smoke pollution is a worldwide public concern for respiratory and cardiovascular problems, recent research shows it also takes a severe toll on all of our skin, near and far from the fires.

According to a UC San Francisco study published in the summer of 2021 in JAMA Dermatology, scentless and invisible airborne smoke particles, when getting stuck in the skin's surface layers, can cause inflammation and speed up skin aging. There has been no skincare product to defend skin against smoke pollution until Smoke Alarm Drops.


Weather-Proof Smoke Alarm Drops™ are scientifically proven shield-forming serum drops that significantly protect and hydrate skin during wildfire seasons and when smoke is in the air.

While technically classified as a beauty solution, innovative Smoke Alarm Drops double as an anti-inflammatory agent to smoke-proof skin against smoke in the environment. A scientific third-party efficacy study shows extraordinary results of 100% protection of the epidermis, dermis, and stratum corneum, allowing the claim of 100% all skin protection.

Just 1-3 drops of Smoke Alarm Drops™ create a protective barrier that protects all skin layers against the oxidation of skin damage caused by smoke particles. Thus the skin preserves its proper functionin.

The smoke-proof shield is formed using clean, plant-based humectants (multi-size hyaluronic acids) and emollients (propanediol) with excellent film-forming properties, uniquely combined with MossCellTec™ (bio stemcell active utilizing the ancient knowledge of moss resilience in massive fires) and Lipobelle™ Pino C, a powerful calming and repairing Phyto-complex that combines a nanoemulsion of organic hemp seed oil (encapsulated CBD) and Swiss stone pine extract (anti-oxidant).


The vacuum of innovation for 21st-century skin problems in the beauty industry challenged Pour Moi Climate-Smart® Skincare to take the lead in creating new products. These first-of-its-kind beauty products, the Weather-Proof Drops Collection, are backed by science and based on our founder's and scientific team's profound understanding of how climates affect skin surface layers' appearance and health.

As a California-based company acutely aware of the data and personally confronted with the deadly wildfires and negative consequences on her own skin, our founder Ulli Haslacher commissioned our lab in 2017 to create a product with the goal of smoke-proofing skin. It took five years of R&D and close cooperation with world-renowned ingredient innovators until the path was forged. Weather-Proof Smoke Alarm Drops was finally launched on Earth Day 2022.


As a small token of gratitude to our firefighters and to drive awareness of the burning issue of fire prevention, every purchase is a giveaway to a firefighter. One full-size product is gifted to a firefighter with each Smoke Alarm Drop bottle sold. We are currently working with the San Bernardino fire department in California for the giveaway of the Smoke Alarm Drops.


Environments are getting harsher in the 21st century, negatively affecting how our skin looks and feels. Weather-Proof Drops is the first collection of next-generation serum boosters to diminish and prevent signs of aging and irritations explicitly caused by one environmental-related skin stressor.

This new collection includes Weather-Proof Smoke Alarm Drops for smoke-proofing skin during wildfire season; Weather-Proof Sunlight Drops for dull-proofing skin with a vitamin-D-like boost when skin lacks exposure to natural light; and Weather-Proof Rain Drops to thirst-proofing skin in severe arid environments such as an airplane cabin.

On those days when the skin lacks natural light, wildfire smoke particles linger in the air, or you’re facing an arid environment, mix one or more drops into your Climate-Smart Day Cream (or any moisturizer) or directly onto your skin for a more resilient complexion that looks smooth, healthy and young.

  • Effectively protects from oxidative skin inflammation caused by smoke particles in the air during wildfire season
  • Defends your face from extrinsic aging caused by skin inflammation from smoke particles
  • Hydrates skin
  • Boosts skin's reselience against damage and irritation from smoke
  • Doubles as an anti-inflamatory agent to calm skin

For a list of all ingredients, click here.

  • LipobelleTM Pino C stimulates skin cell renewal and calms the skin, reduces inflammation, and accelerates tissue regeneration resulting in a more even skin tone
  • MossCellTecTM No.1 enables skin to adapt to environmental changes by improving skin moisture, even in stressful conditions. Refines, skin and creates a flawless complexion by strengthening skin resilience against urban aggressors.
  • Swiss stone pine extract soothes and visibly homogenizes skin tone by reducing color irregularities (local redness, age spots) that result from inflammation
  • Tuber Aestivum Extract (White Truffle) tones, invigorates, smoothes, and balances skin moisture.

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*An independent clinical study on human skin explants (ex-vivo) evaluated the protective efficacy of Smoke Alarm Drops™ against firewood pollution-induced oxidative damage. The scientific finding is 100% protection of the epidermis + 100% protection of the dermis + 99% protection of the stratum corneum for an overall efficacy of (100%) global protection of the skin (stratum corneum, epidermis, and dermis).

How To Apply

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Use during wildfire season and when exposed to smoke

Use 1 drop when smoke is not visible, 2 drops when visible, and 3 drops during times of heavy smoke

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There's no wrong way to use Smoke Alarm Drops!

Mix 1-3 drops in to your Day Cream (or any moisturizer) or apply directly onto your face.

TIP: Squeeze then release the rubber top to draw the formula up into the dropper.

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