Winter Skincare Tips: Why You Want Polar Oriented Products in Your Skincare This Winter

By lacey / 18 December 2023

Winter Skincare Tips: Why You Want Polar Oriented Products in Your Skincare This Winter

Here are some of the most unknown winter skincare tips

It’s that time of year for winter skincare tips. Temperatures are dropping, snow may even be falling and you’re wondering if you need to stay inside in order to avoid all of winter’s not-so-pretty side effects. One of those winter woes affects your skin, it’s called winter skin stress (aka the dreaded plague that winter has on your skin) and it happens when you use skincare products that don’t take the climate into account, in particular, the harsh aggressors associated with dry, cold winter weather. Instead of trading in your serum for another moisturizer, or piling on a heavier cream, the solution is simply being smart...climate-smart. With climate smart skincare, comes a Day Cream…a.k.a. the skin secret you wish you knew about sooner. In the case of frigid, can’t-feel-your-face temperatures paired with dry, harsh winds you’ll want a cream that knows how to address all of your skin concerns and needs in these elements. Enter Pour Moi’s Polar Day Cream. The first-of-its-kind customized formulation features unique ingredients—Polar Day Cream—that are key to healthy, beautiful skin in cold, dry conditions. When the heater is on high-gear, pollution levels are heightened, and temperature and humidity levels are at an all-time low, your skin depends on Pour Moi's Polar Day Cream to keep it in check.

Winter skincare tip: They help your skin achieve a winter-proof glow.

Consider it a gift from us to you: summertime glow in the winter. You thought it wasn’t possible, but we have enough confidence for everyone to believe in the difference that climate smart skincare can make in your skin. Instead of baring dull, lifeless skin in the winter, our Day Creams allow you to have the good kind of glow, not an alarming red hue. Protective agents like Shea Butter soothe inflammation and redness while hydrating and nourishing skin’s natural functions. Because of its thick texture, Shea Butter gives your skin that dense layer of protection perfect for abrasive winter weather. For conditioned, glowing skin in winter, this natural ingredient is sure to withstand whatever winter throws your way.

Winter skincare tip: How dry, flaky skin becomes a thing of the past.

Take dry skin, amp it up a few notches, and you’ve got dehydrated skin. When your skin is beyond dry—it can’t salvage any moisture, thus resulting in a long-term issue called Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL). Dehydrated skin can cause overly dry skin, or even excessive oiliness. Symptoms can include flaky, scaly patches or just uncomfortable sensitivity, redness, and inflammation. Fortunately, Pour Moi Day Creams include hydrating agents that specifically prevent and reverse dehydration and discomfort. Glycerin is a superstar humectant that attracts and retains moisture in the skin. This can be tricky in a polar climate with very little moisture in the air, but the Polar Day Cream takes this into account so moisture doesn’t evaporate. Coconut Acid is an emollient commonly used in cleansers for its purifying properties. For weather worn skin specifically in winter conditions, Coconut Acid soothes dry skin, alleviates inflammation, and fights breakouts.

Winter skincare tip: moisturize with everything your skin needs - and nothing that it doesn’t.

The brilliance of our Polar Day Cream is that we’ve gone through all the possibilities and hand-picked the top-of-the-line skincare ingredients for common winter conditions. In this dry climate, our Polar Day Cream is packed with moisture, like Squalane Oil. It forms a protective barrier to lock-in skin’s existing moisture, plus that from the Polar Day Cream’s water-based ingredients. When there’s little to no humidity, Squalane Oil saves the day because its moisturizing properties are slowly released for effective hydration.

Winter skincare tip: You can befriend the climate again.

When you’re planning your annual ski trip or even just braving the frost to run errands, you don’t have to worry about the climate working against you. Think of the P-CEBs in your Polar Day Cream as your personal moisturizing agents that specialize in winter climate conditions and the skin problems that arise from them. Antioxidants like Vitamins A, C, and E and Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract are skin’s environmental bodyguards, especially during the winter. Pollution and free radical damage is heightened during winter, and skin-saving antioxidants help your skin push through the day. Over time, antioxidants have long-term benefits to boost skin’s natural ability to protect itself against winter elements. The P-CEBs artfully selected in the Polar Day Cream know exactly what you’re going through, exactly what’s causing it, and exactly how to remedy it. Instead of just putting a band aid over your discomfort, Pour Moi Day Creams promote healthier skin that can protect itself against the external elements and the skin issues that come along with it.