6 Cold Weather Skin Problems and How to Avoid Them

By lacey / 18 December 2023

6 Cold Weather Skin Problems and How to Avoid Them

Fall is right around the corner, and before we know it, winter will spring up on us. The brilliance of Pour Moi climate smart skincare is that our Day Creams are designed to cover a range of environmental conditions within an overarching climate. This fall, you’ll likely find that the Temperate Day Cream is your new best friend, as it’s formulated to keep your skin hydrated, happy, and healthy in mild temperatures (45°F - 80°F) and normal humidity (45% - 65%). Depending on what kind of fall season you’re experience, temperatures could be dropping as we get closer to winter. In Southern California, fall and winter seasons are very mild, so SoCal locals will befriend the Temperate Day Cream. On the other side of the country — take New York, for example — East Coasters will gear up with trench coats, boots, and the Polar Day Cream, designed for low temperatures (20°F - 45°F) and low humidity (5% - 45%). If you’re not selecting the climate smart Day Cream for your particular fall and winter seasons, the cold weather might have these effects on your skin:

1. Redness and irritation

When cold temperatures nip away at the natural barrier of moisture and oils that protect skin, the complexion becomes noticeably red as though you have a cold. Stripping away the hydrated, protective layer of the skin makes it significantly more sensitive and reactive to the surrounding environment. Shea Butter in the Polar Day Cream prevents and soothes skin prone to inflammation.

2. Dry and rough patches

As your skin becomes excessively dry in the cold weather, the upper layers can begin to flake and skin may begin to crack from the lack of moisture. If left untreated, this can even lead to your skin splitting and bleeding. Rather than overall dryness, you may sometimes find that you simply have dry patches of skin. Fortunately, Hyaluronic Acid is a staple ingredient in all Pour Moi products. The various types of this skin super food draw and trap the right amount of moisture that skin needs in varying conditions.

3. Classic Winter Itch

Anyone who has lived in the cold, especially when temperatures are extreme low, is familiar with all-over itchiness associated with the polar climate. Extreme dryness in the air can induce dehydrated skin, which leads to itchy, rough outer layers on the skin. Don’t let your skin get to that point this fall or winter! Be prepared with a climate smart moisturizer that soothes, hydrates, and protects the skin when skin would normally react negatively to the environment.

4. Sun Burns

Although it’s far from the first thing people associate with the later seasons in the year, you can still get burnt while being outside. Fall conditions vary place to place. The fall and winter seasons you experience may be on the colder or hotter side depending on your location, so it’s likely that you might face mild sun. If your forecast is a winter wonderland, beware of sunlight that reflects off the snow and intensifies harmful UV rays. To combat the damage from free radicals and atmospheric stressors, pack on the antioxidants found in Pour Moi skincare.

5. Wind Burns

Sometimes the wind feels nice, but not extreme wind. Both fall and winter seasons get pretty windy, so beware that the wind isn’t always your friend. When your face is exposed to the atmosphere, high winds can beat on the skin and cause irritation. The soothing ingredients in the Day Creams account for environmental elements, such as mild and extreme wind.

6. Breakouts

Dry skin isn’t the only side effect of dropping temperatures. As the deeper layers of skin get dryer in colder weather, your face will often over-compensate by producing more oil than normal, leading to acne and breakouts as you have a buildup of oil in your pores. Pour Moi Day Creams are water-based so as to not add oils to the mix and non-comedogenic so as to not clog pores.

Using Skincare to Combat Cold Weather Skin Problems

By continuing to restore moisture in your skin as it’s lost, you’ll simultaneously work on building up the protective barrier that locks in moisture. With high-performing skincare, your skin will stay soft no matter how far the temperature drops. No matter what kind of fall or winter season your facing, climate smart skincare has you covered.