Winter is Coming! Is Your Skin Ready?

By lacey / 18 December 2023

Winter is Coming! Is Your Skin Ready?
In the upcoming months, summer will transition into winter. During this in-between period, your skin will enjoy the mild fall season. However, skin function changes drastically in extremely cold temperatures. Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) is accelerated by at least 25% in a polar climate, and the body produces approximately 10% less moisture for every degree drop in temperature. We’re not trying to scare you with these shocking statistics — we want you to learn how to best take care of your skin and how to upgrade your skincare routine according to skin-challenging shifts in the environment.

Classic Winter Conditions

As you update your clothes with the seasonal shifts, think about the way your skin needs increased protection as well. When winter is coming, we gear up with thick jackets, warm boots, and scarves that match our beanies and gloves. No matter where you are in the world, your winter is likely to be a cold one. However, this isn’t a holiday for the skin. The extremely low temperatures cause a slew of cold weather skin problems. But what about the humidity levels? Regardless of whether there’s snow or rain, the air tends to be very dry. The loss of moisture in the air isn’t easy for skin because average levels of humidity promote a proper balance in hydration. The sudden decrease in moisture leads to dehydrated skin that becomes red, inflamed, dry, and irritated. This also has damaging effects on skin barrier function, which can lead to premature aging. It’s natural in winter to gravitate toward thicker, heavier moisturizers since the climate causes skin to become excessively dry. However, these moisturizers aren’t tailored to the climate and don’t account for other factors, such as heating, rain, frost, and pollution. [Keep reading: How is External Aging Different from Biological Aging?]


Low Temperature, Humidity, and Air Quality

When the temperature drops, so does the quality of the air around us. Due to the increase in gas emissions (from firewood, ovens, and idling cars), pollution levels actually rise in the winter. Along with the increase in pollution due to human activity, the temperature inversion from the shifting climate causes pollutants to become trapped in the lower levels of the atmosphere. Skin-damaging free radicals are let loose in skin cells when pollution levels are heightened, so this is bad news for trying to keep skin youthful for as long as possible. Fortunately, you don’t have to let the climate — geographical or seasonal — dictate the appearance of your skin any longer…


Your #1 Winter Must-Have

Pour Moi is a godsend with its climate smart Day Creams, and the Polar Day Cream will be your skin’s BFF this winter. With super protecting Shea Butter to soothe redness and irritation and various types of Hyaluronic Acid to ensure adequate hydration, you can finally enjoy the cold season without experiencing the skin-impairing side effects. Winter isn’t always characterized by making angels in the snow or basically living in your rain boots. As comforting as these activities sound in the winter time, Pour Moi takes care of your skin while you focus on the greater things in life.