Pour Moi Officially Launched at Indie Beauty Expo!

By lacey / 18 December 2023

Pour Moi Officially Launched at Indie Beauty Expo!
Last week, Pour Moi launched at Indie Beauty Expo New York. With a beautiful booth and an even more beautiful founder leading the team, the launch of Pour Moi was a success! Climate smart skincare is ready for the world, and IBE showed us that in turn the world is ready for climate smart skincare. In 2015, Indie Beauty Expo debuted in New York City, and Pour Moi was thrilled to launch at a platform intended to promote the fast-growing category of independent beauty brands. Founded by Jillian Wright, celebrity esthetician and beauty industry leader, and Nader Naeymi-Rad, entrepreneurial and management expert, IBE is the perfect place to be for innovative beauty brands on the rise — like Pour Moi! Both IBE founders have a special appreciation for Pour Moi. Nader Naeymi-Rad stopped by the booth to give praise for our beautiful setup — a minimalistic black-and-white theme, blown-up illustrations of diverse women in various climates, and a fun-filled photobooth. Having a spa and skincare line of her own, Jillian Wright was impressed with Pour Moi’s unique concept.
“Indie Beauty Expo is the perfect launching pad for a stellar brand like Pour Moi. Pour Moi has the opportunity to teach people how to think differently about their skin. Rather than the typical ‘skin type’ model, Pour Moi bases their regimen on climate, a brilliant way to approach self-care.” —Jillian Wright, Co-Founder of Indie Beauty Expo
At the stunning Skylight Clarkson Sq. venue, the Pour Moi team interacted with hundreds of happy faces from all over the country. Beauty experts and enthusiasts alike were ecstatic to meet our founder, Ulli Haslacher, who was eager to demonstrate the magic of climate smart skincare and explain the Pour Moi difference.
“The experience at Indie Beauty Expo in New York went above and beyond compared to what we expected…and we expected a lot! We found the perfect place to launch our unique brand, and we will forever cherish the opportunities that IBE provided.” —Ulli Haslacher, Founder of Pour Moi
Post IBE, the world’s first and only climate smart skincare has created quite the buzz in media. Many news and business outlets — including NBC 12, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider Markets, and The Street — picked up on Pour Moi’s official launch at IBE. Pour Moi was also named one of the breakthrough must-try products by New Beauty, and our innovative founder was praised by SWAAY. With big things to come, Pour Moi can promise that you won’t be let down by what’s in store. After a thrilling week in New York, the Pour Moi team couldn’t be happier with how the launch turned out. Traveling from our home in Upland, California to New York City, the Pour Moi team proves that you can truly have a happy face in anyplace.