White Serum: The Secret to Hydrated Skin for Normal, Sensitive or Combination Types

By lesley / 18 December 2023

White Serum: The Secret to Hydrated Skin for Normal, Sensitive or Combination Types
Creams tend get all the attention in skincare. But if creams are the stars, serums are the best supporting actors—helping the lead perform better. Adding Pour Moi’s White Serum, which is formulated for people with oily, normal, combination, or sensitive skin, to your skincare routine will infuse your skin with a highly concentrated blend of anti-aging, restoring, skin-brightening and hydrating ingredients. Plus, White Serum helps to prepare your skin’s outer layers to soak up all of the goodness in the Climate-Smart Day Creams.

What It Is

White Serum is highly concentrated and ultra-lightweight (it’s actually a liquid), which enables it to penetrate deep within the skin’s outer layers to deliver active ingredients with lightning speed. So it’s an opportunity to infuse your skin with more anti-agers than you’d get from just slathering on a cream. It’s chock full of peptides, antioxidants, botanical extracts, three different sizes of Hyaluronic Acid molecules, amino-acid packed rare White Truffle extract, and other moisturizing agents to reduce inflammation and promote a healthy skin barrier. (The three different weights of Hyaluronic Acid molecules plus White Truffle is a proprietary combination referred to as HyalurTruf+, which is only found in Pour Moi products.) Plus, the White Serum contains glycerin to control oil production (a boon for those struggling with greasiness or acne); Seaweed extract to even out skin tone; and Oat extract to tighten and lift skin for a youthful appearance. White Serum works in any climate and pairs nicely with all of the Pour Moi Climate-Smart Day Creams.

Why You’ll Love It

Silky in texture, White Serum feels luxurious and melts right into the skin. Pour Moi’s Serums help skin find their moisture balance, and restore barrier functions in all climates. It instantly brightens your complexion, and is even more beneficial when used with other Pour Moi products as part of the Pour Moi White Ritual. Here’s how the White Ritual works: First, smooth on the Hydrating Balancer (there’s only one for all climates—that makes it easy!). This lotion balances the pH level of the skin, cleans out your pores, and preps your skin to absorb the ingredients in your serum and cream. (Apply the product onto a cotton pad—one or two pumps will do the trick—and swipe the pad over you face and neck.) While skin is still moist from the Balancer, squirt one pump of White Serum onto your fingertips and gently pat and smooth the product over your face and neck. After the White Serum has had a moment to settle into the skin, slather on the Pour Moi Day Cream that best describes your climate: Polar, Tropical, Desert, or Temperate. Try it and we know you’ll become a fan!