The Best Hydrating Moisturizer for Dry Skin: In Desert & Tropical Climates

By lesley / 18 December 2023

The Best Hydrating Moisturizer for Dry Skin: In Desert & Tropical Climates
If you suffer from dry skin, you’re probably pretty happy that summer is finally here. Finally, no more flaky, cracked skin, windburned cheeks, or rough patches! Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but warm weather won’t necessarily cure your dry skin woes: While winter is certainly a tough season for dry skin, hot summer temps can dramatically parch skin too. We reveal the best hydrating moisturizer for dry skin in both desert (dry) and tropical (humid) climates.

Why Skin Gets Dry in the Summer

When temperatures rise, our bodies direct the thousands of endocrine glands located throughout the body to release sweat (which is primarily comprised of water and minerals like sodium) to cool us off. This loss of fluids can dehydrate the skin. If you become really dehydrated, your body can’t even produce sweat anymore, so heat stays trapped inside your body—and research shows that heat can be just as aging as the sun’s rays, resulting in wrinkles, sagging, and brown spots. What’s more, in the summer we go from one air conditioned space to another—from home to the gym to the office—and A/C sucks water out the air, further drying skin.

The Importance of Drinking Water

First things first: You need to be chugging water during the day to replenish H2O in the body and prevent dehydration. The inner skin, which holds onto water that we consume, is responsible for 30 percent of the outer skin’s moisture. So if you’re not guzzling water in hot, dry weather, your outer skin is going to look parched. Pour Moi products contain a special complex called HyalurTruf+, which combines nourishing White Truffle from France with three different sizes of moisturizing hyaluronic acid molecules. Big hyaluronic acid molecules grab water from the moisture in the air, while the small and medium ones snatch water stored from the foods and drinks we consume. If you’re not drinking enough water, the small and medium molecules can’t do their job. And if there isn’t enough humidity in the atmosphere, the big ones can’t do their job either. So basically there’s no moisture to be found anywhere, leaving skin rough and making wrinkles look more pronounced.

Finding the Right Moisturizer

Choosing a hydrating moisturizer for dry skin depends on where you live. If you hail from a desert zip code choose Desert Day Cream, which contains The Desert Climate Energized Beautifiers (D-CEBs), like Squalane Oil, that moisturize, nurture, and protect skin when temperatures rise to between 75°F — 120°F and humidity sinks to between 5% — 45%. (CEBs are a group of ingredients that are specially formulated to deal with the weather fluctuations, indoor environments, and pollutants associated with a particular climate.) If you reside in a hot, humid location, slather on Tropical Day Cream, which contains Tropical Climate Energized Beautifiers (TR-CEBs), like Coconut Acid, for when temperatures are high (75°F — 120°F) and humidity is high (65% — 100%) too and you need to keep your skin and pores clear of sweat and grease getting trapped on the surface.

Follow the 3-Step Ritual For Beautiful Summer Skin

No matter where you’re spending the summer, for best results it’s important to follow the 3-Step Ritual for Beautiful Skin. First apply Pour Moi Hydrating Balancer, which preps skin to soak up the hydrating ingredients by balancing the skin’s pH level and reducing inflammation and calming irritation. Then apply Pour Moi Black Serum, which provides extra hydration for super dry skin. Black Serum contains diamond powder to ramp up collagen production and exfoliate away dead, dry skin blocking the skin’s surface. With the layer of dead skin banished, the Black Serum’s other ingredients (like Squalane Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, White Truffle Oil, and vitamins A, C, and E) can get right in there to hydrate and reverse the signs of aging. Then apply either Climate Smart Tropical Day Cream or Climate Smart Desert Day Cream for day. At night repeat steps 1 and 2, but finish with Pour Moi's Night Cream, a nutrient-dense formula that replenishes skin while you sleep.