The Best Daily Face Cream for Hot Dry Summers

By karina / 18 December 2023

The Best Daily Face Cream for Hot Dry Summers

Here comes the sun. And, depending upon where you live or travel, the low humidity. If you’re living somewhere hot and dry, the best daily face cream for your skin contains an almost-magical concoction you’ve probably never heard of before: Desert Climate Energized Beautifiers (also known as D-CEBS).

What on earth are D-CEBS? Unlike conventional skincare products, Pour Moi's innovative Day Creams utilize the world's first effective Climate Energized Beautifiers, which follow along when skin changes with the climate. Different types of climate-smart CEBs are uniquely formulated in line with specific climates to optimize skin-saving results across a wide spectrum of weather elements, man-made conditions, and pollution levels. More on them later. As we know, four variations of climate have the most influence on how skin behaves—Temperate, Tropical, Desert, and Polar—and Pour Moi tackles each with unique blends of hydrators and active ingredients. But, as we head into summer, the best daily face cream for hot and dry summers is the Desert Day Cream with Climate Energized Beautifiers. Here are 3 reasons why.

The Best Daily Face Cream for Hot and Dry Summers Reason 1: Hot Air Leads to More External Aging

Well, most of us assume that heat is the biggest culprit is sapping skin of its moisture, but the truth is that dry air can actually make our complexion age faster. Case in point: a Japanese study tracked volunteers as they smiled in a room that had a humidity level of either 10 percent or 80 percent. They used special technology to see how the expression of smiling caused their skin to fold. And wouldn’t you know that the faces of volunteers in the dry (low-humidity) rooms were stiffer. Their folds weren’t just more pronounced while they smiled, but remained that way after their faces relaxed.

The Best Daily Face Cream for Hot and Dry Summers Reason 2: It Rebalances Heat in The Skin

Skin responds to high/hot temperatures with low humidity by first releasing the heat. To do so, the blood vessels located in the middle of the dermis expand further out to get closer to the outer skin. “By increasing the blood flow, excess heat radiates outwards. This is why you look rosy when you feel hot--it’s the blood vessels giving you the flushed look,” explains Ulli Haslacher, founder of Pour Moi Skincare. The release of heat in a hot climate can cause the sebum (waxy substance in the epidermis) to change from waxy to more oily (think of it melting into a slicker, shiny oily substance). This can result in anything from a shiny complexion to very greasy skin, as the gland can quickly go into over gear if too much sebum is lost in the outer skin. Next, the skin-cooling process springs into action. The sweat glands transfer water from the dermis to the epidermis. “This works well if the water can evaporate quickly, creating a cooling effect. The best way to describe it is to put a drop of water on your skin and then blow on it—you feel a cooling sensation,” says Ulli. If humidity is low, sweat quickly evaporates and cools the skin. But the problem is that the outer skin cannot pull any water from the air into the skin, which it needs to stay hydrated. Climate smart skincare, like that with D-CEBs, is specifically designed to take low humidity and heat into account. The Day Creams hydrate and protect the skin with the highest quality blends of pure water from the French Alps with humectants, emollients, and/or occlusives. These make up a powerful moisture base designed to keep skin optimally moist, soft, and flexible even when the heat and humidity are really working against it.

The Best Daily Face Cream for Hot and Dry Summers Reason 3: Key Ingredients Lock in Moisture

These cutting-edge Climate Energized Beautifiers™ are selected to make sure that hydrating ingredients--such as small, medium, and large Hyaluronic Acid molecules--penetrate deeper into the skin and moisture without clogging pores. The HyalurTruf+ complex is a new light-weight skincare ingredient created to help skin find its natural moisture balance in all climates. Made from a blend of 3 different forms of hyaluronic acids, it takes into account that varying molecule weight helps with absorption because each molecule size has a different job. “Penetration of hyaluronic acid into the skin depends on how stable the ingredient is when applied to the skin and gets exposed to heat, air and light and also what molecule size the ingredient has (as it depends how deep it can skin into the skin),” explains Ulli. “Hyaluronic acid is an excellent hydrator that not just attracts water from the atmosphere but also holds the water molecule." Because the large size molecules are the water grabbing kind, they sit on the surface. If there are no different sizes of Hyaluronic acids, and there is not enough water in the air for the large molecules to grab, they can turn against your skin and pull water from the deeper skin layers. Excellent skincare chemistry can take advantage today of pulling humidity from the air and keeping it (plumping effect) when available. But, when skin faces dry climates the smaller kind will help to offset the larger molecule size acid to turn against the skin. This is the most premium way to help skin restore its natural moisture balance.