Skincare for Combination Skin? Start with The Climate You’re In

By karina / 18 December 2023

Skincare for Combination Skin? Start with The Climate You’re In

Oily t-zone, dry cheeks, “normal” nothing? Unlocking the combination to perfect skincare for combination skin, which affects so many of us, is a one of the biggest challenges in the beauty world.

The reason why? We’re used to being prescribed skincare for combination skin that treats the symptoms, but not the cause. Go straight to the root of the problem—climate, not complexion type!—and you’ll nail the biggest beauty hack of all time.

How Climate is Causing the Ups and Downs of your Complexion

The weather and environment you live in (or travel to) has the single biggest impact on how your skin looks and behaves. As the climate changes, so does your skin. Hot and humid outside? Hello, oily t-zone--because the heat and humidity are like the gas pedal for the sebum production on your forehead, nose, and chin. Frigid cold? Welcome, flaky, dry skin on areas of the face that don’t naturally produce as much sebum (we’re talking to you, cheeks and skin around the eyes). High heat and humidity increase oil production, while a polar climate with a lack of moisture in the air translates to a lack of moisture in skin. What’s more, moving in and out of climates (as in, from outdoor air to the air conditioning or heat inside) can throw skin in and out of climate extremes within seconds! This causes our facial thermostat (yes, that really is a thing) to go bonkers, producing what we note as combination-skin symptoms. So, what's the Pour Moi perspective on skincare for combination skin? Keep reading to find out.

Focus on Skincare for Combination Skin That Considers your Climate

Now that you know what’s really causing the mixed messages your complexion is sending, how do you fix it (since we know all of the skincare that hasn’t worked)? That’s the easy part: Choose a skincare routine designed to support your complexion based on the environment around you. That’s where Pour Moi Skincare comes in—the world’s first climate-smart skincare line. Each product contains hydrators and other skin-nourishing ingredients carefully selected to balance skin in every environment. Pour Moi is the only skincare brand that focuses on skin’s reaction to its climate to find the perfect yin to its yang. The powerful active ingredients are the same in each day cream to help reap long-term benefits and keep skin consistently balanced in every climate. Plus, products contain 3 different sizes of hyaluronic molecules - most products only have 1—so if you’re in a climate where one size doesn’t work to your benefit, another will be there as backup. What does that mean for combination skin? It means your skincare for combination skin is smart enough to maximize the effectiveness of each ingredient, putting what you need where you need it. That means that overactive sebum is given what it needs to quiet down and find a healthy moisture balance, while dry areas are given the hydration and moisture they need to live happily ever after too.

Skincare for Combination Skin that Addresses the Environmental “Bad Guys” that Keep Throwing it into a Tailspin

Of course, we’re obsessed with the hyaluronic acid blend that actually makes sure that the mega-plumping ingredient works with our skin, not against it. But there’s even more to love: Polar and Desert Day Creams are also full of ingredients called Climate Energized Beautifiers (or CEBs) which help to meet your skin’s specific hydration needs in extreme weather. The Desert Day Cream’s CEBs include Squalane Oil, which creates a thin, non-greasy barrier over the surface of the skin to support the water-retention efforts of HyalurTurf+. This daytime formula also contains protective agents that minimize moisture loss when you go between extremes, such as from stifling, sticky outdoor heat into a room with the AC on full blast. Polar Day Cream’s CEBs includes Squalane Oil as well, but the oil is complemented with rich Shea Butter especially for the cold-weather formulation. Together, the duo acts as a substantial barrier against uber-drying frigid air and blustery winds. Like the Desert formula, this Polar daytime formula is also spiked with skin-soothers that protect the skin from moisture loss as you transition between ice-cold weather outside and toasty-warm temperatures inside. Plus the HyalurTruf+ complex is a new light-weight skincare ingredient created to help skin find its natural moisture balance in all climates. Read: Taking the combination out of your complexion, and making it smooth and even all over. It’s formulated with white truffle, which is rich in amino acids and valuable sugars and uniquely combines with the advanced hyaluronic acids for intense moisturization without heaviness, so skin has a shine-free glow. It’s designed to help skin reach its perfect balance of water and lipids so your complexion is optimally hydrated and moisturized in every climate.