Summer Skin Care for Oily Skin: Because Oily Skin is Not a Type – It’s a Symptom of the Climate

By karina / 18 December 2023

Summer Skin Care for Oily Skin: Because Oily Skin is Not a Type – It’s a Symptom of the Climate

Are you sitting down? Because we are about to tell you something that flies in the face of everything you’ve ever heard about summer skin care for oily skin. What if we told you that the slick, oily skin you buy a million products to battle isn’t actually your skin type at all? That it isn’t a skin type period. That oily skin is actually a symptom of the climate you—and your complexion—live in every day.

Mind blown? Before you say “this is crazy,” here’s a quick lesson in how our skin is wired to respond to the climate (and btw, it’s crazy that we were never explained this, like, ever): The epidermis—the skin’s outermost layer—cools down or warms up depending on the climate’s temperature. So when you think you need to find the summer skin care for oily skin, you actually need the best skin care for the climate you're in. And, there's more.

Your Skin Has Its Own Thermostat—and It’s Sending Your Oils into Overdrive

Here’s how it works: sensors in the dermis pick up the temperature of the outer skin and send this info to the brain. The majority of the tiny skin thermometers that have all the feels are located in the face, around the nose and forehead, where skin is exposed directly to the climate (and, not coincidentally, the areas of the face that tend to be oiliest). Think of the brain as the body’s thermostat. Its job is to keep the internal temperature steady and comfortable. To do so, the brain launches different responses in the dermis, depending on whether temperatures are hot, cold, or mild. The release of heat in a hot climate can cause the sebum (waxy substance in the epidermis) to change from waxy to more oily (so it’s melting into a slicker, shiny oily substance). This can result in anything from a slick, shiny complexion to super greasy skin, as the gland can quickly go into over gear if too much sebum is lost in the outer skin (like the type that makeup slides off of within a few hours, and needs to be blotted throughout the day).

Temperature is Only One Factor; Humidity is the Other

Humidity adds moisture to the mix, so skin pulls moisture from the air in addition to the oil it’s producing. So if you haven’t guessed yet, a hot, humid climate is the perfect storm for ending up with an oily complexion—sure to send you in search of effective summer skin care for oily skin. “This is why after three days in a dry area, people with ‘oily skin’ will notice fewer breakouts and may find that they’re even using moisturizer for the first time,” explains Leslie Baumann, a dermatologist based in very balmy, decidedly not-dry Miami. But before you pack up and move to Arizona, here’s the buzzkill: the UV rays and moisture-sucking climates that cause oilier zones to dry up can ultimately kick sebaceous glands into overproduction to keep skin lubricated.

Summer Skin Care for Oily Skin: Why the Right Moisturizer is the Cure… Really

So now that we know what’s really causing our oily skin, how do we find the right moisturizer for oily skin and get it balanced once and for all? Pour Moi is the only skincare brand that focuses on skin’s reaction to its climate to find the perfect yin to its yang. The powerful active ingredients are the same in each day cream to help reap long-term benefits and keep skin consistently balanced in every climate. Plus products contain 3 different sizes of hyaluronic molecules - most products only have 1—so if you’re in a climate where one size doesn’t work to your benefit, another will be there to have your skin’s back. The HyalurTruf+ complex is a new light-weight skincare ingredient created to help skin find its natural moisture balance in all climates. It’s formulated with white truffle, which is rich in amino acids and valuable sugars and uniquely combines with the advanced hyaluronic acids for intense moisturization without heaviness, so skin has a shine-free glow. It’s designed to help skin reach its perfect balance of water and lipids, so your complexion is optimally hydrated and moisturized in every climate. Find it in all Pour Moi Day Creams (Desert, Polar, Tropical and Temperate).