How to Have Clear Skin? Harmonize with Your Climate

By karina / 18 December 2023

How to Have Clear Skin? Harmonize with Your Climate

Our skin is our body’s largest organ. And because it’s the only one that’s on display, it tells us a tale of who we are, how we live, even where we live. If, like most of us, you’re on a quest to figure out how to have clear skin once and for all, you’ll need to figure out how to speak its language.

Because changes in skin color and texture are often an indication of what’s going on in your life, don’t disregard that your skin’s reaction to the climate of where you’re living is directly affecting how it looks. “Your skin is literally all around you, so finding harmony with your complexion, environment, body, heart, soul, and spirit is imperative to keeping your skin balanced and clear,” says Pour Moi Founder Ulli Haslacher. “Climate changes but your skin shouldn’t. To keep skin healthy, youthful, you must be consistent with the right active ingredients no matter where you go.” That means utilizing a skincare system that allows you to shift from one cream to another, without sending skin into shock, or upsetting its moisture balance resulting in breakouts or irritations. The only skincare line that can do that is Pour Moi, since it’s the first climate smart skincare collection that features multiple Day Creams based on the different climates skin encounters. Read on to learn how it works, and how to have clear skin using Pour Moi's products.

How the Climate Can Damage Our Complexion.

In colder temperatures, the frigid air and wind can make skin fragile and sensitive, causing it to lose moisture. As the cold slows down the skin’s blood circulation, cells get less oxygen, and skin can develop a rough texture and begin to flake, explains Tina West, a dermatologist in Chevy Chase, Maryland. When you head inside to a warmer environment, this temperature and humidity change can shock skin, causing red spots or even broken capillaries. On the other end of the spectrum, heat and UV rays damage the skin, weakening the skin's natural barrier and causing it to lose moisture. Oilier zones dry up, which kicks sebaceous glands into overproduction to keep skin lubricated. As the skin produces more oil, the drier top layer of dead skin gets trapped in pores, and voila—breakouts galore! “Our skin often struggles to adjust to climate changes, especially in harsh climates such as Tropical, Desert or Polar, which can quickly bring on acne or rosacea,” adds Ulli. So, how to have clear skin in any climate? Keep reading.

Easy Solutions to Get Clear Skin No Matter Your Climate.

“In climate smart skincare, we say that skin has its own immune system to ensure that the outer skin stays as functional and healthy as possible to protect the inside of the body,” says Ulli. Strike a balance with this skin-body-environment connection and you’ve cracked the code on how to get clear skin. Pour Moi is the only skincare brand that focuses on skin’s reaction to its climate, to find the perfect yin to its yang. The powerful active ingredients are the same in each day cream to help reap long-term benefits and keep skin consistently balanced in every climate. Pour Moi’s unique proprietary complex, HyalurTruf+, is a new light-weight skincare ingredient system created to help skin find its natural moisture balance in all climates. It’s made of a blend of 3 different sizes of Hyaluronic acids varying in molecule weight (small, medium and large), plus a key botanical from France: White Truffle extract. White Truffle plays an important role in how to have clear skin. It's rich in amino acids and valuable sugars and uniquely combines with the advanced Hyaluronic acids (large molecules turn on in humid environments to pull moisture from the air, while small molecules turn on in dry environments to pull water from what you drink) for intensive moisturization, without the heaviness, and a shine-free glow. It helps skin to find the delicate balance of water and lipids so skin is optimally hydrated and moisturized in every climate. And since each day cream contains this unique system, whether you’re in a Polar climate one day, and a Tropical climate the next, skin stays consistently moisturized and doesn’t experience climate shock – thus staying clear, radiant and optimally hydrated, even when you’re experiencing rapid temperature and humidity shifts. What does change in each of the Day Creams are the Climate Energized Beautifiers (CEBs), strategically chosen hydrators and botanicals the work to protect and repair skin based on the natural and man-made environmental aggressors skin will encounter. Pour Moi creams work together so that you can travel to wherever you want to go, when you want to go (and change from one day cream to another at any time), but your skin always feels and looks healthy and consistently hydrated, including benefitting from long-term anti-aging ingredients. Now you know how to have clear skin, wherever you are and whatever climate you're facing.