How to Soothe Your Rosy Cheeks this Winter

By lacey / 18 December 2023

How to Soothe Your Rosy Cheeks this Winter

And why that red glow is more a sign of external aging than a healthy flush. Here’s what you need to know.

Trust us—the red streaks on your complexion in the winter are not from the sun. The cold temperatures, extremely dry air, and harsh winds form a pack in the winter with an agenda of inflaming our exposed skin. That burning sensation (a.k.a. inflammation) is your skin telling you that the environment is working against you. But lucky for you (and your skin), there are ways to protect it.

Redness is a Red Flag!

Rosy cheeks in the winter aren’t just a sign of a little discomfort. This is your skin letting you know it’s distressed! But why red? When exposed to the freezing temperatures, the body tries to warm itself by circulating blood close to the surface. Hence the red cheeks, since our skin is constantly exposed to our surroundings. The dry winter air caused by cold temperatures outside and the heated temperatures inside strip the skin of moisture, weakening the skin barrier and exposing skin to the harsh weather elements.

Dry Air = Skin Sensitivity.

The infamous dry air during winter makes our skin more sensitive and prone to flare ups of inflammation. When there’s hardly any humidity in the atmosphere, our skin scrambles to stay hydrated and often becomes prone to dehydration, making it more susceptible to the harsh winter elements. Dehydrated skin is the core of external aging and climate related skin issues.

Aggressive Climate Conditions Further Dehydrate Skin

Freezing temperatures, burning winds, central heating, and heightened pollution all contribute to redness, inflammation, and moisture-deprived skin, leading to unbalanced moisture not only in the lipid barrier via Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL), but a loss of key nutrients too.

Get Less Red, More Glow

The best way to avoid extra rosy cheeks in the winter is to take the climate into account when stacking up your go-to skincare products. This is where Pour Moi, the world’s first and only climate smart skincare comes in! For cold, dry conditions, the Polar Day Cream is specifically formulated with soothing, hydrating, and protecting ingredients—we call them Polar Climate Energized Beautifiers (P-CEBs). These P-CEBs are key hydrators and botanicals like Shea Butter and Squalane Oil, which protect skin from the harmful winter elements, and prevent redness and inflammation from developing. Save your winter-chapped face from a rosy overload this winter with climate smart skincare! As you bundle up in layers of warm clothing, be sure to layer on your skincare products as well. Twice a day, start with Pour Moi’s Hydrating Balancer for pH balanced skin. This preps and repairs the skin so the products you apply next penetrate more effectively. Next, smooth on a highly potent Serum with concentrated active ingredients. Choose one that works for your skin type. Finally, seal in the good-for-skin ingredients with one drop of the Polar Day Cream for winter-proof, naturally glowing skin that you want to show off, not cover up.