Hey Seattle: Here's Why You Need to Climate-Proof Your Skin

By genevieve / 18 December 2023

Hey Seattle: Here's Why You Need to Climate-Proof Your Skin

On a drizzly, cool day, you’d head out in a raincoat and boots—not silk pants and suede shoes, right? Well, your skin merits the same climate consideration.

Specifically formulated for the kind of days residents of the Pacific Northwest know well—45 to 65 degrees and rainy/overcast—the Marine Day Cream utilizes Climate-Smart® technology to help skin adapt, repair and protect itself in an exceptionally moist, chilly climate. Here, what the Marine formula can do for your complexion in a marine climate:

Provides just-right hydration

Thanks to Pour Moi’s proprietary HydraD-Marine™ complex, a blend of hyaluronic acid and White Truffle, the skin is able to achieve balanced, Goldilocks-worthy moisture levels (e.g. not too sticky, not too tight), even in high humidity. How does it work? A combination of three different size hyaluronic acid molecules draw moisture to the skin, tailoring intake to just what your skin needs on a given day. So, when your face is dry, the molecules draw more; when it’s supple, they scale back.

Battles environmental bad guys

Even when the sky is thick with clouds, skin-damaging, age-accelerating environmental aggressors, such as UV rays and pollution, still abound. Thus, the Marine formula’s blend of antioxidant vitamins A, C, E is designed to boost the skin’s own protective properties, as well as maximize its detoxification action, helping minimize the impact of these outside assaults. The vitamins are also each microencapsulated to enable a controlled release in your skin, allowing for enduring protection. Finally, in addition to providing protection, the antioxidant complex can help reverse the visible signs of aging.

Acts like an umbrella for your complexion

A thin, soothing, protective film made of oat extract creates an instant skin-smoothing film to safeguard your complexion from harsh weather or other outside irritants. In addition, lightweight Squalane Oil adds its own super-thin layer to keep your skin’s barrier function (a.k.a. its own natural protective wall of lipids) intact. To maximize the benefits of the Marine Day Cream, it’s recommended that you pair it with other Pour Moi products. During the day, begin your skincare routine by first applying the Hydrating Balancer (Humid Conditions) to gently exfoliate and regulate your skin’s pH levels. Next, apply a light layer of the Pour Moi Blue Serum, which is laced with a combination of French marine actives and hydra-sugars derived from Mediterranean algae, to provide ultra-light hydration in very humid conditions. Finally, top with one pump of the Marine Day Cream (a little goes a long way). At night before bed, repeat steps one and two, but finish with Pour Moi’s skin-repairing Night Cream to restore and revive your complexion while you sleep.