How the Skin is Naturally Moisturized

By lacey / 18 December 2023

How the Skin is Naturally Moisturized

Smart skincare uses Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF) that skin naturally produces and recognizes as a source of immediate hydration.

The rundown of Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF)

“Natural Moisturizing Factors” isn’t one of those scary, intimidating names that make you wish you paid more attention in science class. You don’t have to think too hard about this one—in fact, you should want to know all can about NMF because they’re the holy grail in your skin health and appearance. What it does: The NMF found organically in your skin keeps the skin naturally hydrated and promotes a healthy skin barrier function. As a natural protector against dehydration deep in the skin layers, NMF preserves and enhances the physical properties of the outermost layer of the skin. (Bet you didn’t know your skin could do all that on its own!) What it looks like: In Pour Moi climate smart skincare, NMF comes in many forms, some of which are nearly identical to those found naturally in the skin—glycerin, amino acids, sugars, minerals, peptides, oils, etc. For the most effective topical products to penetrate the skin with hydrating and nutrient-dense ingredients, skincare formulas must be recognizable to the skin. This is where added NMF comes into play.

There must be a catch

The biological and added NMF work together to promote hydrated skin that is visibly healthier. Like the endless benefits of having a hydrated body, your skin is no exception. Reversing and preventing dehydrated skin promotes skin plasticity, cell regeneration, and healthier skin barrier function. Everyone has NMF, so it seems like everyone with skin won the genetic lottery. There must be a catch, right? If skin has built-in NMF, what’s the need for Pour Moi climate smart skincare to add NMF? The reality is that the NMF in skin can’t do its job effectively in dehydrated and dry skin types or in dry climates, but you can create your own reality with Pour Moi. Pour Moi is smart skincare that knows how to deliver hydration to the skin despite external conditions working against the skin’s natural ability to retain its health and appearance. Neither your skin nor traditional skincare take the climate into account, so many people suffer from dehydrated skin without realizing it. The low content of naturally occurring NMF in the skin must be supplemented with added NMF in skincare that’s customized to the climate. [Keep reading: Summer has More Than One Climate]

NMF and dryness just don’t go together

…but Pour Moi is the middle man that combines these two unlikely elements. Even though NMF promotes hydration and moisturizing, there must be moisture present—whether internally within the skin or externally in the atmosphere or in skincare. Dryness and dehydration occur within the skin layers, but some topical products like drying facial cleansers can cause NMF to become sluggish. With aggressive climates and exacerbated external factors like pollution, radiation, and air conditioning, you can’t rely solely on the biological NMF found in the skin. There’s too many factors resulting in low skin NMF, but Pour Moi climate smart skincare takes care of your skin no matter what it’s facing.