All Things Pour Moi with The Charming Olive

By lacey / 18 December 2023

All Things Pour Moi with The Charming Olive

Why Instagram’s favorite fashion blogger packs Pour Moi for her summer travels.

Adelina IRL

While her username is perfectly fitting, @thecharmingolive has a real name just as captivating — meet one of our top influencers, Adelina Perrin. With a background in architecture and interior design, it’s no surprise that Adelina has a sharp eye for fashion. With a winning smile and effortless style, the camera loves her, and so do we. The Pour Moi team was lucky to meet with Adelina this summer, and it’s safe to say that social media outreach was her calling. Documenting her passions for fashion, beauty, and travel, Adelina motivates her readers to live their best lives. Her online presence is a reminder to make yourself a priority, and her outlets are both a starting place and destination for total inspiration.

Travel in style

Every traveler goes through the indecisive process of choosing what to pack, but packing is a little different for a full-time beauty and lifestyle content creator. Needing to change her outfit several times a day for work, Adelina admits that planning her international travel essentials in advance is key (and this is coming from someone who’s notorious for maxing out on her baggage weight limits). This is where Pour Moi comes in. “This year, I knew I wanted to be fully equipped,” says Adelina, sounding like every traveler ever. “Not by the number of bottles I brought along, but by packing smarter and bringing targeted skincare products specific to the climate that I was going to be traveling to.” Complements of the lightweight, TSA-approved packaging, Pour Moi skincare tags along free of complications. It fits perfectly in your carry-on bag, and the dynamic Day Creams make it a breeze for your skin to catch up when you travel to a new climate. Once you fall in love with Pour Moi, you “won’t be caught traveling without it,” as Adelina puts it. 


Smart for your skin, smart for your carry-on

It’s no surprise that Adelina recognizes the beauty in Pour Moi. The world’s first and only climate smart skincare isn’t travel friendly by coincidence — it was made for travel. Jumping from her home in San Luis Obispo, CA to Italy and Bulgaria, Adelina’s cultural perspective isn’t the only thing in for a shock. Living seaside along the California coast, Adelina’s skin is comfortable with the mild temperatures and normal humidity, which is why her moisturizer of choice is the Temperate Day Cream. Being a frequent traveler, all the Day Creams get their time to shine in Adelina’s beauty ritual. With a quick trip down the coast, Adelina trades in the Temperate Day Cream that corresponds to her hometown for the Desert Day Cream that suits the SoCal sunshine. Adelina shares that her skin feels the best in tropical climate. Lucky for her, the hot and humid conditions throughout her European escapade allowed her to use the Tropical Day Cream, so skin gets all the hydration from the atmosphere without the external factors that lead to premature aging. The climate smart experience is unlike any other, according to Adelina: “Italy was so hot and very humid, same with Bulgaria. As I’m still roasting away, I can feel that my skin needs something very lightweight yet moisturizing. The Tropical Day Cream has allowed my skin to feel great throughout my trip without clogging my pores or making my skin feel greasy despite the heat and humidity.”

Photo courtesy of @thecharmingolive

Travel essentials or life essentials?

You will always experience unpredictable weather, either by lucky chance or by travel, but now you can be prepared. The modest bottles make traveling a breeze, but their minimal presences are felt on your beauty shelf at home. Adelina’s Pour Moi Ritual during her summer vacay was the Hydrating Balancer, Black Serum, and Tropical Day Cream. The beauty in Pour Moi is in the Ritual — Beautiful, happy skin like Adelina’s is three unique steps away. Your own Pour Moi Ritual is waiting for you.