A Cruelty-Free Moisturizer That Also Cares about the Environment

By PourMoi / 18 December 2023

A Cruelty-Free Moisturizer That Also Cares about the Environment

The Best Cruelty-free Moisturizer on the Face...of the Earth!

As someone who uses Pour Moi skincare products to adapt to whatever climate you find yourself in, you’re probably more in tune with your environment than the average person. Rather than forcing everything around you to meet your own needs, you simply change along with it, gently and peacefully. Being in harmony with your environment is what makes you radiant. And Pour Moi’s cruelty-free moisturizer is as gentle as you are—not only for your face, but for the face of the planet and all of its other living creatures.

Let Our Cruelty-Free Moisturizer Take You on a Journey

Although Pour Moi is an American-based company, we choose to manufacture our products in Europe, where the standard for pure water is much higher than it is in the United States. Since water is the first ingredient in most skincare products—including our cruelty-free moisturizer—we’ve gone out of our way to find and use only the purest, cleanest water in the entire world, which comes from the Rhône-Alpes region of France.

Applying our moisturizers to your face is part of your morning and evening routine—a calming and relaxing ritual that can transport you, for a moment, away from it all ... to Pour Moi’s mountain source. Picture this: high up in the Alps, where the air is cool and fresh, the meadows are a colorful riot of wildflowers and butterflies, while majestic, larger, wild animals like wolves, ibex, and lynx roam freely and undisturbed. Icy cold streams of crystal-clear water, trickling down from the snow-capped peaks, replenish pristine springs, like the one that provides the water for our skincare products. This water has never been exposed to any pollution or contaminants, so it doesn’t need any added chemical treatments to “purify” it. It is naturally pure—just like Pour Moi’s cruelty-free moisturizer.

Preserving Harmony between Nature and Your Skin

At Pour Moi, we care about your face by caring about the face of the Earth. Our cruelty-free moisturizers are completely non-toxic, paraben-free, toxin-free, and BPA-free, because we know that just as you wouldn’t want to disrupt the untouched beauty and harmony of the French Alps, you certainly wouldn’t want to disrupt your face with any of those impure ingredients. Through our partnership with Strand Cosmetics Europe, a famous French skincare manufacturer, and its Regulatory Affairs team, we are able to ensure that only the safest and purest ingredients are used in our products. All of our formulas are approved and registered with Health Canada and the European Union, and they are voluntarily registered with the FDA.

Furthermore, Pour Moi develops all of our products without animal testing—without sacrificing any of the quality we need to be truly revolutionary and evolutionary. So when you use Pour Moi, you can feel happy and at peace as you move through the ever-changing environment, knowing that your cruelty-free moisturizer is not only gentle to your skin, but also leaves animals and nature untouched and unharmed. That’s what makes Pour Moi’s cruelty-free moisturizer truly a win-win-win proposition, and what makes your face as beautiful and adaptable as the mountain landscape itself. You can co-exist with nature and change with the climate. That’s your secret.