5 Reasons Why the Best Skincare Product Ingredients Provide Long-Term Benefits

By alexis / 18 December 2023

5 Reasons Why the Best Skincare Product Ingredients Provide Long-Term Benefits

Navigating endless aisles of beauty products is no easy feat. Luckily, we took the guesswork out of finding the best skincare product options for you.

Sure, you can scour the web for reviews on the best skincare product options like a research ninja. But if you're not informed about the basics of skincare (think: the bottle, the juice, the water makeup), then your virtual deep-dive is all for naught. All three are integral to optimizing the health of your skin, which is why Pour Moi only uses the best packaging to ensure the actives stay stable and uncontaminated; premium ingredients that are strategically chosen to protect and revitalize skin according to the climate you live in, or travel, to giving you consistent long-term benefits; and the purest, cleanest water from France. Use our cheat sheet below to learn why each Pour Moi purchase is the complete package.

1. It's All in the H2O for the Best Skincare Product Lines

The secret to healthy skin is in the water. France, for example, is the only source of water used in Pour Moi's Climate Smart Skincare.And it's an important feature since adequate water content in the skin leads to improved absorption of skincare. "The requirements are very different in France, so all the glacial water that comes from the French Alps is the clearest in the world," says Ulli Haslacher, president and founder of Pour Moi. It's thanks to the French government's protection of natural resources that the water remains fairly untouched, making it in-demand (and often expensive) for beauty brands and even medical units. "In the United States, if you were a burn victim in the hospital they will only give you products manufactured in Switzerland or France," Haslacher explains, "because at that level with the burn, the skin can only tolerate the most gentle and clearest topical products," she says.

2. Packaging is Key

It's sleek, it looks good in your bathroom, but does your product's outerwear keep it fresh? The answer might surprise you. Reveals Haslacher, "active ingredients are extremely sensitive to light, air, temperature, and pressure." When exposed to those elements, like a jar would once opened, the ingredients take a hit within minutes, losing 25-30 percent of their active status. Pour Moi’s high-tech packaging serves multiple functions on top of its beautiful design. It's airtight and opaque so no light or air can break through, plus there's a ring around it that creates a "double wall" to manage temperature and pressure. The smarter packaging means fewer preservatives are needed.

3. Know the Right Formula

Like your wardrobe, skincare needs to be swapped seasonally. In fact, studies show that skin integrity and function change with the climate, whether by season, travel, etc. That's why it's crucial to choose ingredients that target the biological and external causes of aging, like those found in Pour Moi's Climate-Smart Day Creams. The brand utilizes climate smart technology, namely Climate Energized Beautifiers (CEBs), a blend of hydrators and botanicals, plus HyalurTruf+, a fusion of multi-weight hyaluronic acid molecules with 100% natural White Truffle extract to ensure proper complexion benefits as the skin barrier changes with the climate and environmental elements.

4. Size Matters in the Best Skincare Product Lines

Hyaluronic acid is touted as an MVP of hydrating and anti-aging skincare, but the size of the molecule matters if you want to see results, says Haslacher. The smaller the molecule size, the deeper it can sink into the skin, delivering a one-two punch of moisture. But brands often go big because it's the cheapest option. "Here's the solution: Hyaluronic acid is a really climate smart ingredient if you put it in the product multiple ways," she shares. "Because when there's humidity outside, you can activate the large molecule size, and it drives moisture from the air into the skin. However, if there's less than 40 percent humidity in the air, biologically it doesn't matter how many large hyaluronic molecule weights you put into the product, it will not work," she continues of the need for varying sizes based on external conditions. As a matter of fact, using the larger hyaluronic acid molecule can backfire. How? Hyaluronic acid wants to be fed but there's not always moisture in the air, so it'll look inward for hydration. The process can cause transepidermal water loss and further dehydration. This is why understanding what's in your products can mean the difference between dull, tired-looking skin and skin that's bright, healthy and happy.

5. When It's Done Right

High-quality, climate-smart ingredients plus a safe and effective bottle to cap it all off, equals happy skin. It's the kind of result you can expect from Pour Moi, who incorporated all the aforementioned elements after years of trials and a pilot study involving climate chambers. Now that you've gained a better understanding of what goes on inside the bottle, you can feel more confident making the best decisions for your skin.