Your Daily Skincare Routine for Oily Skin: There’s one especially “Pour Moi!”

By PourMoi / 18 December 2023

Your Daily Skincare Routine for Oily Skin: There’s one especially “Pour Moi!”

Find the perfect daily skincare routine for oily skin, no matter the climate

Oily skin is both a blessing and a curse. Whether it’s oily all the time, or just when the conditions are right — or wrong!— our skin is radiant, naturally moisturized, and youthful, despite the harsh shine and breakouts. Treat it well and meet its needs, and soon you will be glowing. All you need is a daily skincare routine for oily skin to bring out the natural softness and beauty of your skin, no matter what climate you step into! Step into the welcoming arms of a temperate climate!

Temperate days

Enjoy the mild temperatures and the soothing sprinkling of light rain. Cherish the delicate sunlight, and the graceful play of clouds. Temperate Day Cream is perfect for this kind of environment, as it contains humectants and hydrators that not only draw moisture from the atmosphere, but ensure the right moisture balance for even the oiliest of skin. The seaweed extract in the cream also keeps skin firm, while white truffle prevents signs of aging. You’re ready for an exciting day, no matter what weather comes your way.

Times in the tropics

Bask in the divine warmth of a tropical climate! Dive into turquoise waters, feel sand between your toes, and bathe in glorious sunshine. Tropical Day Cream is the perfect companion for an adventure to places like South Beach. Coconut acid protects skin from irritation, and antioxidants prevent UV damage. It also contains protective agents, meaning you can switch between heat and air conditioning fearlessly.

Desert heat?

Rush into the heat and light of a desert climate! Soak in the warm, dry air. Indulge in the beauty of the desert, and the gorgeous mountains that await you. Let this exciting climate replenish your spirit as you rely on the strength of Desert Day Cream. Lightweight regenerating oils create a barrier that retains moisture, while water and oil-based hydrators reduce Transepidermal Water Loss, a process in which water evaporates from the skin after it passes through the dermis and epidermis, which can leave skin too dry. It’s also packed with antioxidants, which protect your skin from harsh weather, and botanicals that keep wrinkles away.

frosty weather

Embrace the frosty air of a polar climate! Play in the glittering snow, or lounge by the fire, and cozy up with a cup of hot chocolate. Any chilly day is a perfect day to go out—or stay in—and love your skin, with Polar Day Cream. Squalane oil, shea butter, and other protective agents defend your skin from wind, frost, and even heating, meaning you don’t have to worry about redness and irritation. Meanwhile, an innovative blend of humectants, emollients, and occlusives reverse Transepidermal Water Loss, while botanicals and antioxidants keep your skin strong and youthful. And best of all? Water-based hydrators prevent the production of excess oils—goodbye harsh shininess! With these Day Creams, your skin health is now as flexible as your schedule.

any day!

Go where you want to go free of worry, especially when you also use White Serum, which is made just for skin that is particularly oily and sensitive. Coupled with the Day Cream that matches your climate, even when your skin is at its oiliest and most sensitive, Pour Moi will pick up the slack so your skin will be healthy, stunning, and beautifully nourished in every situation. No matter where you go, no matter what weather you experience, your skin will be youthful, supple, and radiant. Your secret? You change with the climate.