Yes, Pour Moi Packaging is Beautiful—But It’s Also Smart

By lacey / 18 December 2023

Yes, Pour Moi Packaging is Beautiful—But It’s Also Smart

Beautiful and smart. Sounds like you, doesn’t it? (On a happy day!) Pour Moi packaging is sleek and elegant, but it’s more than just a pretty face.

Preservation is Priority

Pour Moi’s high-tech packaging serves multiple functions on top of its beautiful design, but its beauty is more of a side effect to the effectiveness. Once the formulation was created, the next step was to find packaging that reflects the high-quality product.

With the technology that’s available to beauty products, the packaging is nearly as important as the formulation because the product can’t stand alone. We didn’t stop until we created custom packaging that efficiently preserves the active ingredients. Those ingredients—moisturizing agents, antioxidants, vitamins, peptides—are the building blocks of healthy and happy skin.

Why Are We so Drawn to Jars?

A product contained in a jar might seem luxurious and traditional, but the exposure to sunlight and bacteria in the air will cause it to degrade much quicker. The daily routine of dipping your fingers into an open container will also spread bacteria in the product, and the germs will lead to contamination.

Pour Moi products are safe from this exposure. The airtight pump and double-walled casing keeps the integrity of the formulation because the active ingredients are stabilized and protected. We make sure that the good stays inside and the bad stays outside.

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Premium Packaging for a Premium Product

The high-functioning packaging is a form of preservation that extends the product’s shelf life. This means that the formulation can focus on healthier, high-quality ingredients, and you can trust that your skincare will be safe in an airtight container. Products contained in a jar require more chemicals to obey the U.S. laws of shelf life, whereas Pour Moi uses the packaging to its advantage—smarter packaging means less preservatives.

Pour Moi bottles are very expensive to manufacture, but what is cost when it comes to achieving happy skin that thrives in all places? It’s aesthetically pleasing to match the beauty that’s inside the bottle, and it’s functional to protect the beauty that radiates from you.

The Ideal Travel Companion

Everything in the Pour Moi line is TSA-approved because we know you’ll want to take your Pour Moi climate-enhanced skincare when you travel. When you go from one place to another, and especially when you’re elevated on an airplane, Pour Moi will be a skin saver.

The Pour Moi bottles are sleek and light enough to fit in your carry-on bag, which is convenient because skincare doesn’t belong in cargo. Considering the conditions of the airplane’s cargo hold—air pressure and temperature—it’s safer to pack your premium skincare on your carry-on luggage. Fly with Pour Moi, but keep it close to you.

Functional, Ergonomic, Aesthetic

We get so many compliments on our stunning packaging, but every choice we made was with you in mind. The reason we put so much effort into the functionality of the bottles is because we know that Pour Moi skincare is revolutionary, and we ensured that the packaging will preserve the product’s efficiency.

In the case of Pour Moi, what you see on the outside reflects what’s on the inside.