Why We're Made in France

By lacey / 18 December 2023

Why We're Made in France

The main ingredient in skincare is water, so we searched the Earth for the purest water and found it in France.

We're Made with French water

We are made in France for an important reason. We take pride in Pour Moi—we know our products work, and we know they’re safe for you. This is why we do our research when it comes to the ingredients and where they come from. Check the ingredient label on any moisturizer or lotion, and you'll see that water is listed first. Ingredients are listed by their magnitude, and water is the top ingredient that makes up 70-90% of any skincare product. This makes water one of the most important parts of skincare.

Just think about water in your life

You probably place a lot of emphasis on drinking quality, bottled water and not just tap water out of any fountain. If you don’t drink tap water, why would it be good for your skin? The fact is that when it comes to wound treatment, burn victims, and severe dermatological diseases, almost all topical medications and creams are made in France, Switzerland, and Germany because of the high purity of the water. Pure water is gentle water and best tolerated by skin. When the water is pure and gentle, high-quality water allows the active ingredients in skincare products like Pour Moi to work best because the skin isn’t irritated by the water. [Keep reading: Pour Moi Uses Hyaluronic Acid Differently]

The high purity water of France is the best in the world

From the mountainous alps and fresh springs, the environment in France is unlike anywhere else. The water isn't exposed to hazards or contamination, which means it doesn't contain added chemicals to counteract any toxicity. The water in France is how nature intended it to be--pure, clean, and nourishing. There's a reason why the most prestige water bottle companies manufacture in France, and it's the same reason why Pour Moi manufactures in France. You often hear in water commercials that the water is directly "from the source" because it's untampered with. Fact: When you read our ingredient list, you don't just see "water"--you see "aqua." We're allowed to use the term “aqua” on our ingredient label because it’s the European Union high standard for pure water. Our skincare line Pour Moi goes above and beyond to hydrate and replenish your skin when the environment is working against you. When life gets in the way, Pour Moi is there to deliver potent hydration to the skin’s deep layers from the best source of water in the world.