What Does Vitamin C Do for Your Skin? Why You Want it in Your Climate Smart Skincare Routine

By karina / 18 December 2023

What Does Vitamin C Do for Your Skin? Why You Want it in Your Climate Smart Skincare Routine

What Does Vitamin C Do for Your Skin?

Harsh weather environments, plus man-made aggressors, assault our skin on a daily basis, and guess what? Basic skincare products (based on skin type) simply aren’t able to protect skin nearly enough. So what does one do? Well, the answer is actually simple and it lies in finding products that are not only adjusting to your specific climate, but are loaded with skin-protecting ingredients, like vitamin C, that go to work immediately to not only stop the signs of external aging, but to help skin functions perform at their optimal levels, according to the climate and environments they’re living in. If you've been wondering, "What does vitamin C do for your skin?" here are three reasons vitamin C is a must-have antioxidant.

What Does Vitamin C Do for Your Skin? Your Skin Needs Protection Beyond SPF.

The best way to avoid the symptoms of external aging (wrinkles, sagging, enlarged pores, dark spots, etc that can show up as early as our 20’s) is to protect the skin as vehemently as possible. And while sunscreen protects from the sun’s damaging rays, that's simply not enough given every other environmental factor that’s creating the free radicals that destroy your skin. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects the skin from the sun, and repels unstable free radicals from damaging the skin. Additionally, dull skin is often associated with prematurely aging skin. Vitamin C, like in Pour Moi Skincare, triples your dose when applied twice a day to help revitalize and brighten skin.

What Does Vitamin C Do for Your Skin? Man-Made Aggressors Can Cause Serious Skin Damage.

Sometimes free radicals occur naturally, but more often than not, they're caused by man- made environmental factors such as pollution, and cigarette smoke. Recent studies have even shown that air pollution can directly cause darkened spots on the skin, as well as oiliness, rougher skin texture and increased sensitivity. Yet another type of radiation that’s found indoors-- Infrared Radiation—can create the free radicals too. This type is created by heat sources like ovens and generators. Vitamin C works to speed up the body’s ability to heal itself when external causes are creating skin irritation, inflammation and decreased cell-turnover and collagen production. That’s why using your climate-specific Pour Moi Day Cream twice a day is so important for the health, youthfulness and protection of your skin.

What Does Vitamin C Do for Your Skin? Antioxidants Can Pump the Brakes on the Signs of External Aging.

No matter the climate - or man-made environmental cause, once free radicals form, their only goal is to damage the proteins, lipids, and DNA in your cells. The visible signs of this process are fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. And the only line of defense is antioxidants, the star of which is vitamin C. It neutralizes the harmful free radicals and literally puts the brakes on the cascade of damage that’s about to occur. In fact, one study found that people who applied topical vitamin C to their face for just 12 weeks showed a reduction in wrinkles and fine lines. Another found that volunteers with photo-damaged skin showed significant improvement in skin texture, wrinkling, skin tone, and sallowness during the same time frame. So if you want to slow—even reverse—the signs of climate-induced skin aging, don’t skimp on the C. Utilize an antioxidant-packed serum twice a day. Choose Pour Moi’s White Serum if your skin is oily to normal, or Black Serum for dry skin. Follow with a day cream that matches your unique climates needs, Tropical Day Cream for hot, humid environments, Desert Day Cream for hot, dry climates, and Polar Day Cream for frigid, dry weather. All contain healthy doses of vitamin C to protect skin from free radicals caused by UV rays, pollution, and other environmental aggressors. When used in a 3-step skincare ritual, Vitamin C gives skin the chance it needs to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, firm and brighten skin’s overall tone and fend off climate related environmental aggressors. That’s the Pour Moi difference.