Want Healthy Skin? Start with Hydration

By lacey / 18 December 2023

Want Healthy Skin? Start with Hydration

Water is essential for nearly every function in the body, including the skin’s natural ability to restore itself. When putting essential nutrients and hydrating agents back into the skin, water-based skincare is extremely effective at delivering hydration deep into the skin. When skin recognizes naturally occurring ingredients like pure water, skincare can better perform its job, especially when the dehydrating environment is constantly working against it. Dehydrated skin is commonly occurring in many people as environments become more severe and lead to skin issues. When it comes to restoring moisture in the skin, Pour Moi believes water-based skincare effectively delivers hydration with a base that skin naturally recognizes. 

Hydrated Skin = Happy Skin

  • Of the many benefits of having properly hydrated skin, one of the greatest is the improved ability to protect your body against environmental factors such as toxins, bacteria, and UV radiation. Proper hydration keeps the lipid barrier healthy, protecting the body against these potentially harmful invaders. If you’re on the path to healthy skin, you’ll want to start with water-based hydration.
  • Breakouts are often caused by an excess of oil in skin, which clogs pores and traps bacteria. However, when skin is properly hydrated, the levels of water and oil are balanced, resulting in the reduction of acne and breakouts. For clear skin that can manage itself, hydration is key.
  • Dehydrated and sensitive skin can lead to uncomfortable itchiness and painful irritation, but keeping skin hydrated is one of the best ways to soothe discomfort. When skin is properly hydrated, the skin layers are working efficiently to properly exchange vitamins and minerals between skin cells. Adequate water content in the skin prevents and soothes sensitivity and inflammation.
  • Pour Moi’s climate smart skincare is water-based because increased or adequate water content in the skin leads to improved absorption of skincare. When your skin is hydrated, it’s better at absorbing the moisture and nutrients in skincare because water plays a significant role in moving substances between skin layers. The overall state of skin is improved when skincare can better perform its job, and the pure water from the French Alps in Pour Moi helps achieve this.
We don’t need to convince you that hydrated skin is essential in achieving happy and healthy skin, but we’re here to explain why dehydration is so common in skin and what you can do about it.

Is Hydrated Skin Possible in Today’s Climate?

There are many environmental factors ­—­ temperature, humidity, radiation, pollution, etc. — that affect skin hydration that you might be wondering if it’s even possible to have properly hydrated skin under today’s aggressive conditions. Even if you’re moisturizing regularly, your skincare can actually work against you and cause dehydration if it’s not formulated with the climate in mind. Fortunately, Pour Moi makes hydrated skin a reality in all climates. With the best source of French water and varying sizes of Hyaluronic Acid, each climate smart Day Cream is formulated according to the needs of skin under specific conditions. Many skin issues, such as dry or oily skin, can be linked to dehydration in the deeper layers of skin. For optimal skin health, proper hydration is essential and made possible with climate smart skincare.