Meet the Polar Day Cream

By lesley / 18 December 2023

Meet the Polar Day Cream

Everyday moisturizers are the tank tops of skin care—they simply aren’t cut out to handle the cold. So when freezing weather hits, our best winter skincare tip is to switch to a day cream that knows how to weather the winter storms. That’s why we’re writing a love letter to the one cream that not only knows how to snuggle our skin in moisture, but also protect it from biting winds, deep freeze temps and crazy indoor heating. Meet Pour Moi’s Polar Day Cream - then fall in love with it.

It Understands What Your Skin Needs

Unlike every other moisturizer that hydrates based on skin type, Polar Day Cream is specifically formulated to keep skin hydrated and glowing on the rawest, coldest, driest day in the harshest of climates. It changes the thinking of how to hydrate your skin according to climate conditions, and uses its unique mix of moisturizing agents to protect against transepidermal water loss (TEWL)—a condition exacerbated by chilly weather that causes water to evaporate from the skin, leaving your face dry and dull. Humectants like hyaluronic acid draw water into the epidermis (Polar Day Cream is the first product to smartly contain three sizes of hyaluronic acid molecules—small and mediums ones to snatch water from the beverages you drink and large ones to grab it from the air), while emollients like glycerin create a film over the skin, preventing water from sneaking out.

It Teams Up with Rich, Skin-Friendly Ingredients

Packed with shea butter, chosen specifically because of how it creates a barrier against whipping winds and frost, it helps to heal and prevent injuries to the skin in cold, harsh polar environments. Polar Climate Energized Beautifiers (P-CEBs), a blend of specifically selected hydrators and botanicals lock-in hydration, plus Pour Moi’s proprietary complex HyalurTruf+, a fusion of multi-weight Hyaluronic acid molecules and White Truffle extract act as a superior delivery system so antioxidants, peptides and other good-for-your-skin ingredients can penetrate deeper into skin’s surface to prevent and reverse the signs of external aging for long-term skin benefits. Pour Moi understands that harsh climates include the man-made climate conditions like indoor heating. And since your skin hates extreme heat as much as it loathes bone-chilling cold, the Polar Day Cream contains squalane oil to keep the jacked up heat in your home from further irritating your skin. Basically, this stuff has an ingredient to counteract whatever winter throws at you, and can nimbly take you from one cold climate temperature extreme to another.

It Knows How to Work Alone, but Works Better With a Buddy

Use Polar Day Cream on cleansed skin, twice a day. Or for even better results, apply it as the third and final step of your skincare ritual. First, smooth the Hydrating Balancer over skin to remove any remaining makeup residue and restore skin’s pH levels. Second, blend one drop of the Black or White Serum (depending on your skin type) over skin. Third, rub Polar Day Cream over your face and neck, and continue using it daily until the weather warms up— above 45 degrees. Or you jet off for a week in balmy St. Barth’s  which means it’s time to switch to Tropical Day Cream!