Black Serum: The Secret to Hydrated Skin for Dry or Mature Skin Types

By genevieve / 18 December 2023

Black Serum: The Secret to Hydrated Skin for Dry or Mature Skin Types

Only from Pour Moi: Black Serum

When your skin feels tight and thirsty, smoothing on our plush, yet easily-absorbed Black Serum is the key to hydrating sans stickiness. Adding Pour Moi’s Black Serum, which is formulated for people with dry, extremely dry or mature skin, to your skincare routine will infuse it with a heavy arsenal of highly concentrated anti-aging, restoring, skin-brightening and hydrating ingredients. Plus, the Serum helps to prepare your skin’s outer layers to soak up all of the goodness in the Climate-Smart Day Creams. Keep reading to discover more about this dry-skin savior.

What It Is

Dry skin is often linked to a compromised barrier function. What’s that? The barrier function is your skin’s protective wall. Made up of lipids, this wall keeps moisture from seeping out of the skin, a process known as Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) and a common cause of chronic dryness. To combat and minimize water loss, Black Serum contains a medley of moisturizing agents that work synergistically to repair gaps in the barrier function, as well as provide a light film over your face to shrink wrap moisture inside your skin. Thanks to Pour Moi’s unique blend of three different size Hyaluronic Acid molecules, the Black Serum is able to draw water to the skin from a variety of sources: the air, liquids you drink, and watery foods and fruits you eat. This multi-faceted approach ensures that whenever you are wearing the Serum, your skin is well-hydrated. One complaint of dry-skin sufferers is that their skin can appear drawn and slack. Thus, the Black Serum is packed with peptides, as well as fine Black Diamond Powder (hence the name Black Serum), to help stimulate collagen production. And collagen, of course, is what makes skin spongier, stronger, and less apt to sag. Bonus: The Diamond Powder also lightly exfoliates skin to remove flakes and dead skin tissue, enabling a clearer pathway for, and better absorption of, moisturizing ingredients.

Why You’ll Love Black Serum

It’s fast acting. When your skin feels tight and parched, you want relief asap. So, the Black Serum provides instant gratification, thanks to Squalane Oil, a lightweight hydrator that penetrates almost immediately, moisturizing deeply, healing inflamed skin, and promoting elasticity so your face doesn’t feel so tight. It also dials down environmental damage. Thanks to the addition of potent antioxidants, such as Thiotaine and Vitamins A, C, and E, the aging (and drying) effects of pollution—and the free radicals it harbors—are minimized by twice-daily application of the Serum. It works best paired with other Pour Moi products, so to maximize the effects of the Black Serum, use the Hydrating Balancer first, wait about a minute for it to dry. This lotion balances the pH level of the skin, cleans out your pores, and preps your skin to absorb the ingredients in your serum and cream. Then, slather on one to two drops of your Serum. Remember, a little Pour Moi goes a long way; our formulas are very concentrated. Top it off with the climate-appropriate Day Cream: Temperate, Polar, Desert or Tropical. Then, before bed, repeat steps one and two, but swap out your Day Cream for the Night Cream.