Best Skincare for Wrinkles: The Power of White Truffle

By karina / 18 December 2023

Best Skincare for Wrinkles: The Power of White Truffle

Antioxidants, peptides and botanicals, including white truffle, are some of the ingredients used in the best skin care for wrinkles.

If you can remember VH1 television’s The Fabulous Life of…, you’ve probably celebrated enough birthdays to be keenly aware of fine lines right about now (and, more importantly, the best skincare for wrinkles to keep them at bay)! While the celebrities may have waxed poetic about White Truffles as a luxurious delicacy offered in the world’s finest restaurants, they probably didn’t know that White Truffles are a key ingredient in the best skincare for wrinkles. But Pour Moi does - and it’s infused in each and every Pour Moi Day Cream. Here’s everything you should know about the premium anti-aging superfood, and why it’s part of the best skincare for wrinkles!

Where They’re Found

White truffles are predominantly found in the Alba region of northern Italy. But, please don’t confuse them with their more easily acquired sister, black truffles. Black can be grown and mass-produced, while White Truffles are more rare, and only found in the wild. That also explains their exorbitant price tag: $6,000 to $10,000 per pound. They grow just below the soil surrounding specific hardwood trees, and are only in season from late October through December. They’re very finicky about their climate conditions, preferring areas with cool winters, damp warm springs and hot summers with intermittent annual rainfall around 28 inches. What that means is that nature programmed White Truffle to be resilient to humidity and heat—and those are two of the benefits they pass on to your skin. Sadly, global warming has meant that the amount of White Truffles out there is even less than it used to be. Even picking them is a process in itself, as specially trained dogs are used to sniff out their distinct fragrance.

Their Beauty Benefits Fight Wrinkles

As fungi, they are naturally high in minerals and vitamins that boost the skin’s natural renewal process and soothe inflamed skin—a one-two punch when it comes to preventing and treating wrinkles. This rare, A-list ingredient is renowned for its anti-aging benefits--not only are they strong antioxidants, but they are also immunomodulators, encouraging the immune function of the skin to stay active so that skin is more resilient and able to ward off free radicals and other wrinkle producers. White Truffles also have everything you need for a brighter tighter complexion. Vitamin B-6 brightens the complexion and aids in skin repairing its dry, itchy, and irritated patches. The essential fatty acids stimulate deep cell repair so that your skin is better able to rebuild itself—envision this as scaffolding that has been broken down but is then quickly repaired so that whatever it’s holding up (in this case, your skin!) stays where it should without sagging. These are just some of the reasons White Truffle can be found in the best skincare for wrinkles.

They Also Boost Hydration

White Truffle provides your skin with long-lasting moisture retention powers, so that fine lines are visibly plumped. With the ability to improve toxin removal, speed skin renewal, and reduce skin irritation, it proves over and over again that it’s a skincare superfood.

For the Best Skincare for Wrinkles, Try Pour Moi

Pour Moi utilizes White Truffle as a key ingredient in all of our climate smart skincare products, making them some of the best skincare for wrinkles available. Our exclusive proprietary HyalurTruf+ complex works with all climates, and contains three different sizes of hyaluronic acid molecules blended with the White Truffle extract from France (long a source for superior white truffles, as any gourmand will tell you). This allows it to react with the changing humidity level in the atmosphere, attracting more water to skin, if necessary, or shutting off if there’s not enough moisture in the air and directing skin to absorb the water molecules in each glass of H2O you consume instead. In contrast, most skincare products contain only one size of hyaluronic acid molecule, and if you’re in a climate zone where that particular size isn’t compatible with the atmosphere, your skin won’t derive any of hyaluronic acid’s moisturizing benefits. Because HyalurTruf+ reinforces the skin barrier, it also enhances the ability of the additional ingredients in Pour Moi Skincare (such as antioxidants and peptides) to penetrate skin and absorb deeply into the surface, delivering their anti-aging benefits to every layer from top to bottom.