Best Anti-Aging Face Cream: Why Retinol is a Key Ingredient for Fighting External Aging

By megan / 18 December 2023

Best Anti-Aging Face Cream: Why Retinol is a Key Ingredient for Fighting External Aging

Ask any dermatologist how to keep your skin looking young and vibrant, and the first thing she’ll say is to apply sunscreen religiously. You knew that. Then the second thing she’ll tell you is to add a retinol to your skincare arsenal - the best anti-aging face cream needs to have it.

Why is a retinol so important? For starters, scientists have been researching the anti-aging power of this vitamin A derivative since the 1970s, so the data proving its efficacy is plentiful and undisputed. And it’s even more important now as our skin faces endless daily assaults from the environment, and climates we live in or travel to. That’s why using the best anti-aging face cream, that focuses on climate, not skin type, (like Pour Moi does) is the key to keeping your skin not only hydrated, anytime and anyplace, but also protected from the things that cause external aging.


Best Anti-Aging Face Cream: It’s Not Magic

In a nutshell, retinol works by encouraging cellular turnover, casting aside complexion-dulling older skin cells on the skin’s surface in favor of the young, fresh ones underneath. It also stimulates collagen production, plumping up fine lines, and helps even out pigmentation, so dark spots are less noticeable. Plus, vitamin A is an antioxidant, so it neutralizes the free radicals that are lurking all around us, just waiting to ravage our skin’s support structures. There may be other ingredients that are flashier or trendier, but no other anti-aging ingredient can boast as wide a range of benefits as this workhorse. That's why it's in the best anti-aging face cream from Pour Moi.

Great Expectations

With regular use of a retinol over time, you’ll find that your skin looks fresher and brighter, with fewer of those pesky lines and wrinkles. And you’ll get even more skin-boosting benefits if you combine your retinol with other proven anti-agers, such as additional antioxidants (like vitamins C and E) and peptides, as Pour Moi does in all of our Day Creams. All work with retinol to address every aspect of skin aging, giving you a total 360 approach to fighting external aging.

Routine Matters

Now that you know why you should be using a retinol, the next question is: How? Incorporating a retinol into your daily skincare program couldn’t be easier. You’ll find vitamin A in all the Pour Moi Day Creams, as well as in the Night Cream and Serums. Of course, one of the biggest complaints about retinoids is that some people have found they can be irritating to their skin. Thankfully, the retinol formula used in Pour Moi skincare is gentle enough for even the most sensitive complexions, so everyone can get the anti-aging benefits. Plus, it’s microencapsulated, which means the active is wrapped in a very small amount of coating to maintain stability when it’s applied to your skin. It then has a controlled time-release in the skin, so it diffuses into the skin at precisely the right time when it can have the greatest impact on helping skin to restore appearance and overall health. And that’s in addition to all the other good things that you’ll be feeding your face when you apply Pour Moi Climate-Smart skincare.

Bonus Material

We’re talking about antioxidant vitamins, skin-brightening peptides, and the brand’s exclusive HyalurTruf+ complex, which contains three sizes of the hyaluronic acid molecule. That allows it to adapt to changing environmental conditions and ensure that your skin maintains optimum hydration levels. HyalurTruf+ is also made with luxurious white truffle extract. Rich in essential fatty acids, as well as in amino acids and minerals, the mushroom helps skin look more even and smooth, while also repairing and protecting the skin barrier. So combine all those things with retinol, and you have one pretty potent anti-aging cocktail. Bottoms up!