6 Life-Changing Skincare Hacks You Need ASAP

By lacey / 18 December 2023

6 Life-Changing Skincare Hacks You Need ASAP

Everything you need to know to get the best results out of your skincare.

At Pour Moi, we want to talk about important issues that no one else is bringing up because we care about you and your happiness. We’ve formulated premium, high-performing skincare that harmonizes skin to the environment that its constantly exposed to. The first of its kind, climate smart skincare takes into consideration the elements that affect skin all day, every day — the environment. To have a happy face in anyplace, here’s what you need to know:

1. Less is more

First of all, this is not a bath tissue commercial. However, they have a point — a little goes a long way with a high-quality product. With premium skincare like Pour Moi, you’re going for quality, not quantity. We understand the temptation to slather it on like sunscreen because of the luxurious texture, but Pour Moi is designed to work in small doses. You don’t have to treat your skincare like shampoo or conditioner (no need to rinse and repeat). All you need is a dime-size drop to spread evenly throughout the face and neck. Pour Moi will take care of the rest.

2. Reduce, reuse, recycle

We’re not going to badger you to commit to your skincare twice a day like the dentist (How’s the flossing going, by the way?), but if you’re sticking to it, you’re likely going through cotton rounds like crazy. Step one of the Pour Moi Ritual — applying the Hydrating Balancer — works best using a cotton pad instead of your fingers due to the translucent texture of the product. This guarantees you get the most out of the bottle. Instead of going through pack after pack of cotton applicators that absorb most of the skincare, invest in a reusable cosmetic pad or make your own cloth version so more of the Hydrating Balancer reaches its destination. #DIY

3. Don’t let it escape!

The high-performance ingredients in the Pour Moi Serums contain some of the smallest molecules found in skincare — so small that they will evaporate from the skin if they’re not sealed in with a moisturizer containing larger molecules. Active ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid come in three molecular weights in Pour Moi skincare, so the Day and Night Creams have exactly what the Serums need in order to avoid product evaporation. The skintype-wise Serums and the climate smart Day Creams are a match made in the heavenly Pour Moi labs!

4. Think outside the box

Everything in your environment affects your skin — from the temperature, humidity, pollution, air-conditioning, and climate conditions. Give the climate a second thought because you live in it 24/7, and you experience varying seasons throughout the year and when you travel. Pour Moi takes these external factors into account when formulating our climate smart skincare. In extreme conditions, traditional skincare can actually dehydrate the skin. You don’t have to have dry skin in a dry summer or oily skin in a sticky heatwave. Harmonize with the climate instead of fighting it.

5. Get in touch with your inner balance

Measuring a pH balance isn’t just about swimming pools and drinking water. The acid mantle of your skin has a pH balance of its own, and whether it’s too acidic or alkaline could explain breakouts, dryness, and inflammation. The acid mantle naturally breaks down over time, but many external factors, from abrasive facial cleansers to air pollution and sun exposure, speed up this process. Fortunately, the Pour Moi Hydrating Balancer promotes a healthy pH balance of skin (around 5.5) for incoming skincare to perform at its peak. Take the first step to get the max out of the second and third.

6. Think about it

Getting to know your beauty products is the key to finding skincare that works. If 90% of skincare is made of water, wouldn’t you like to know where that water is coming from? What ingredients are you putting on your skin? Pour Moi is proud to manufacture in France due to the high standards of pure water from the French Alps. You can find all ingredients in Pour Moi skincare in our Ingredients Glossary. Transparency is the foundation of our company, and we invite you to read all about our brand and climate smart products.