Caring for Skin on the Coast

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ALERT: Winter skin lacks vitamin D

About the Coastal Climate's Impact on Skin

Oiliness, enlarged pores, breakouts from humidity
Vitamin D skin-deficiency in the rainy season
Smoke-induced skin damage from wildfires
Occasional periods of hot and very dry summer days

What is Climate-Smart® Skincare?

Think of it as Anti-aging for your Zip Code

Climate-Smart® is a specialized approach to anti-aging skincare that takes into account the impact of the Pacific Northwest costal climate and local daily weather conditions on skin integrity and product efficacy.

How It Works
Pour Moi's founder, Ulli, showcases the effectiveness of the Pour Moi Climate-Smart Rotating System. This photo has NOT been altered or retouched.

Climate-Smart® Skincare?

Year-round Youthful Skin on the Coast

Climate-Smart® Pour Moi thrives in the challenging Pacific Northeast coastal climate, known for its overcast and foggy conditions that can deprive the skin of vitamin D.

With high humidity levels during rainy seasons and occasional episodes of very dry, hot summer days due to global warming, the skin faces unique challenges depending on the season.

Our Climate-Smart® skincare products, tailored to varying humidity levels, excel at addressing humidity-related issues and providing crucial protection during hot and arid periods. Our science-backed approach ensures optimal skin health in the ever-evolving Pacific Northeast coastal environment.

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10 patents. More pending.

Climate-Smart® Rotating System: Pacific Northwest Coast

Youthful skin requires strategic care year-round when living on the coast in the Pacific Northwest. Our science-backed 3-step system, tailored to each season, enables you to adapt to daily conditions by using the appropriate weather-specific Day Creams, ensuring your skin remains at its best.

2020 TIME Best Invention of the Year

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The Action of Rotating: The Day Creams Year-round Journey

Meet Dr. O Meet Dr. O

Meet Dr. O

Our Scientific Advisor Dr. Iffie Okoronkwo explains how high humidity alters skin.

A Deeper Dive A Deeper Dive

A Deeper Dive

Learn more about the Climate-Smart difference and why it works when others don’t.