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Sunlight Drops Lack of Natural Sunlight
Lack of Natural Sunlight
Sunlight Drops | Lack of Natural Sunlight - Pour Moi Skincare
Sunlight Drops | Lack of Natural Sunlight - Pour Moi Skincare
Sunlight Drops | Lack of Natural Sunlight - Pour Moi Skincare
Sunlight Drops | Lack of Natural Sunlight - Pour Moi Skincare

Sunlight Drops

Lack of Natural Sunlight

Lack of Natural Sunlight

Rediscover your skin’s natural radiance and glow on days when your complexion lacks natural vitamin D. Tested and proven to work in locations with little or no natural sunshine (indoors). Learn more.

"Love the sunlight drops which add brightness and color to my complexion, especially on cloudy days. Love how it blends with the final step of the 3 step process." - Becky N.

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About This Product

The Problem

You might only think of sunlight as your skin’s aging devil. While it’s true that sun rays can prematurely age skin, sunshine is also your skin’s anti-aging angel. Natural sunlight helps the skin produce vitamin D, which is necessary for the skin to look and feel its best.

Unfortunately, studies have shown that supplementing vitamin D with tablets or serums won’t work for the outer layers of the skin. You can see it in your face when your skin is deprived of vitamin D. Your complexion starts looking dull, lifeless, and pasty. Fine lines appear, and the texture gets rough. It’s been a tricky problem for a long time, but now it has been solved with Sunlight Drops.

The Solution

Our Sunlight Drops utilizes an innovative European active ingredient derived from the chicory root. A clinical study has shown it helps activate skin’s recovery and reconstruction, similar to how natural vitamin D3 acts, but without the need for sunlight. It’s called a vitamin D-like boost for the skin!

Sunlight Drops double as a luxurious face highlighter that illuminates skin with a dewy finish.

Sunlight Drops Is Part Of Pour Moi's Weather-Proof Drops Collection

Environments are getting harsher in the 21st century, negatively affecting how our skin looks and feels. Weather-Proof Drops is the first collection of next-generation serum boosters to diminish and prevent signs of aging and irritations explicitly caused by one environmental-related skin stressor.

This new collection includes Weather-Proof Smoke Alarm Drops for smoke-proofing skin during wildfire season; Weather-Proof Sunlight Drops for dull-proofing skin with a vitamin-D-like boost when skin lack exposure to natural light; and Weather-Proof Rain Drops to thirst-proofing skin in severe arid environments such as an airplane cabin.

  • Effectively delivers a vitamin-D3-like boost that is clinically provento stimulate skin repair similar to natural vitamin D3.
  • Defends your face from extrinsic aging caused by lack of vitamin D3 from natural sunshine
  • Hydrates skin
  • Doubles as a face highlighter thatilluminates skin with a dewy finish.

For a list of all ingredients, click here.

  • Chicory Root Extract restores the functions of the vitamin D receptor and accelerates recuperation of the skin barrier.
  • MossCellTec™ No.1 enables skin to adapt to environmental changes by improving skin moisture, even in stressful conditions. Refines, skin and creates a flawless complexion by strengthening skin resilience against urban aggressors.
  • Tuber Aestivum Extract (White Truffle) tones, invigorates, smoothes, and balances skin moisture.

Product Image

How To Apply

Step Image GIF Step Image
Apply directly to skin or add to moisturizer
Step Image GIF
When the sky is White add 1 Drop
When the sky is Grey add 2 drops
When the sky is Dark Overcast add 3 drops

Driven By Results

100% driven by results, our Climate-Smart® approach transforms how your skin looks and feels.
Say skin looks more youthful & brighter.
Say skin feels more supple & hydrated.
*Proven results based on a third-party independent study.

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